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Scarlett Johansson Details ‘Weird’ Reunion With Bill Murray: ‘Like A Dream’

"We had a cathartic experience," the actor said of running into her "Lost in Translation" co-star at a bar.

Scarlett Johansson recalled a chance meeting she had with her former co-star Bill Murray nearly a decade after working with him on the 2003 film “Lost in Translation.”

“It was so weird,” Johansson told Gwyneth Paltrow on Tuesday’s episode of the “Goop” podcast. She described seeing him sitting by himself at a bar, and said she “had to walk out” before then going back inside to talk to him.

“It was such a weird moment. It was like a dream,” Johansson said, adding that Murray was “also surprised” to see her there.

“It was kind of therapeutic,” she continued. “We had a cathartic experience in that weird bar.”

She added that the two “talked through the time” they spent shooting “Lost in Translation” in Japan.

Filming was “hard for him … because he had a lot of stuff going on with his family and his marriage,” Johansson said, suggesting that Murray wasn’t sure “what we were doing out there in Tokyo over those weeks.”

“I think his way of coping was being really sort of manic,” she said, noting that “it was definitely a hard shoot” for her too, at just 17 years old.

While Johansson didn’t delve into what she meant by Murray being “manic,” other actors have spoken out about the “Groundhog Day” star’s behavior in recent years, including Seth Green, Geena Davis and Lucy Liu.

Green claimed that the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member “dangled” and then “dropped” him in a trash can when he was just 9 years old. Davis alleged that Murray once screamed at her for being late and insisted on using a massage therapy tool on her, despite her refusals. Liu said the actor hurled “inexcusable” insults at her when the two were working on 2000′s “Charlie’s Angels,” without elaborating on the language used.

Last year, Murray was accused of “inappropriate behavior” by a female staffer, with an October news report saying that he had allegedly straddled and kissed her, through face masks. He settled with the woman for a little over $100,000.

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