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‘Started Having Really Dark Thoughts’: How Machine Gun Kelly Almost Killed Himself While on The Phone With Megan Fox

In the latest Hulu documentary Life in Pink based on the life of the American rapper, singer, musician, and actor Machine Gun Kelly, a tragic incident in the life of the Bad Things singer is revealed. Colson Baker who goes by the name of “Machine Gun Kelly” revealed that once he tried to commit suicide after his father’s death.

Machine Gun Kelly talks about his tragic time
Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly is known for blending contemporary and alternative hip hop with rock. He is also the accolade of numerous Musical awards and has given countless hits but his life took a dark turn after his father died. Kelly discussed how a phone call that night with his now fiance Megan Fox saved him from almost killing himself that night.

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Used to Sleep with a Shotgun:

Megan Fox is the sunshine in MGK's life

Megan Fox

The Rapper acknowledges that due to that incident, the Transformers actress “became the sunshine” for him and also went on to describe his relationship with her as a fairy tale.

“That’s what helps me write those songs. Because it’s like all the fairy tales they never told you in school… the passion between us is out of this world”.

Machine Gun Kelly also stated that after that incident, he decided that the only drugs in his life would be happiness and his commitment to the art.

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