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Brian Austin Green Has Moved On From Ex-Wife Megan Fox In More Ways Than One

Brian Austin Green's life has changed a lot since his split from his ex-wife, Megan Fox.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green began dating at the height of her fame after first meeting in 2004 during the ABC sitcom Hope & Faith filming. Their relationship continued to progress until they married in 2010 and mostly retreated from the public eye to start a family.

The couple went on to have three children together and appeared to be very happy, although there were documented marital problems (which is likely to be expected from their 16-year relationship). Things finally came to an end in 2020. Had the relationship run its course? The good news is that both Fox and Green have moved on. And there is a lot that Green has done in the short time since he and Fox called it quits…

8Brian Austin Green Found Love Again With Sharna Burgess

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green pose together
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It was unlikely that Brian Austin Green wanted to jump right back into a relationship following his split from Megan Fox. Still, the unexpected happened when he fell for professional dancer Sharna Burgess. The pair met in a coffee shop in October 2020 and could not deny their attraction. “We met at a coffee shop, then had a few dates, and then we were locked in a house together,” Green told People Magazine in 2021.

“On our first date, we just completely lost track of time, and the same thing happened the next time. It became something noticeably different from anything I’d ever experienced before,” he added.

7Brian Austin Green Has Added To His Family With Another Son

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green holding hands
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Not only did Brian Austin Green find love with Sharna Burgess, but they also announced the happy news that they were expecting a child (this would be the fifth child for Green, who shares three with ex-wife, Megan Fox, and an older son, Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green, with his former fiancée Vanessa Marcil). On June 28, 2022, Burgess gave birth to their son, Zane Walker Green.

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Green spoke about becoming a father for the fifth time, telling Us Weekly that it had not been without its challenges. “[The newborn stage] is… I’m older!” he joked. He was 48, turning 49, at the time of his son’s birth. “It’s been a while,” he added, “When he was born, there was that thought of like, ‘Man, it’s been like six years, do I still have this in me?’ And then right away, changing diapers and swaddling and burping and all the things are just sort of second nature at this point. I’ve done it so many times.”

6Brian Austin Green Tried His Hand At Dancing

Brian Austin Green walking with Sharna Burgess
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Fans were treated to something special when Brian Austin Green decided to join Dancing with the Stars with Sharna Burgess. The pair competed in Season 30, which Green was excited to do (after all, his girlfriend is a professional dancer).

“I’m doing Dancing with the Stars because of my girlfriend Sharna,” he is reported to have said (via People Magazine). He later gushed about Burgess and her talents, saying, “She’s amazing. She’s been doing this her whole life. She’s a dancer, and I know nothing about it. I made a choice early on, when we would go and rehearse that I need to put whatever ego that would possibly come up aside and just listen and learn. She’s really great.”

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This was also a special moment for Burgess because she was not competing with a stranger; she was doing it with a loved one. “I am unbelievably excited to share with him something I love so deeply,” she said.

5Brian Austin Green Joined Forces With Sharna Burgess To Promote Movember

brian austin green poses on red carpet
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Brian Austin Green has also used his social media platform to spread awareness for Movember, promoting men’s health and suicide prevention. Speaking in a video that he posed to social media, Green also captioned his post with a lengthy and heartfelt message.

“Mental health and wellbeing continue to be a significant health concern for men of all ages and stages in life, and we need to continue to break the stigma around men having conversations and bringing men’s health education to the forefront,” he wrote.

“I know for us guys; sometimes it is hard to ask for help, which is why we need to educate men that talking about our feelings is a sign of strength and not a weakness. Movember’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health…”

4Brian Austin Green Has Also Focused His Attention On An Organization To Help Women In Vulnerable Situations

Brian Austin Green photographed while walking
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Brian Austin Green is active on social media and often shares posts that are meaningful to him. This includes his encouragement for people to educate themselves about Don’t He described the mission as “To procure funding to discreetly get women out of abusive dwellings and into somewhere safe. But more importantly, TO EDUCATE ON WHAT ABUSE EVEN IS.”

3Brian Austin Green Has Been Working On Some Interesting Projects

Brian Austin Green poses for photos
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One of Brian Austin Green’s more recent projects has been the film Beautiful Disaster, based on Jamie McGuire’s book. The 2023 film stars Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner. Green is also listed on the credits as Mick Abernathy, a relation to Gardner’s character, Abby Abernathy. He shared the poster for the film on his social media, urging fans to “Check it out.”

2Brian Austin Green Has Been Candid About Getting Older

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green walking together
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Brian Austin Green is nearing his fifties, but he is embracing age openly and honestly. This includes using his social media to share procedures he has been doing, like the PRP treatment “to help with hair loss.” This treatment is Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy which can be injected into the scalp “to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss,” Healthline reports.

1Brian Austin Green Is Amicably Co-Parenting With His Ex-Wife, Megan Fox

brian austin green and megan fox getting sushi
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Brian Austin Green may have moved on from his relationship with Megan Fox, but the former couple will always be involved in each other’s lives because they share three children, Noah Shannon Green, Bodhi Ransom Green, and Journey River Green. Their split also appears amicable, and they have worked out how to co-parent.

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“We co-parent really well together,” he told E! News during the Paw Works Animal Rescue Gala in October 2022. “And we don’t fight over time with the kids. We try and alternate holidays between Christmas Day, Christmas Eve. But we’re open to things changing. I’m very aware of — and so is she — that our schedules are insane. So when we do get time, cherish it. It’s an amazing thing, and we support the other parent having time.” This is impressive, considering many exes struggle to find a balance and make life work after their breakup, but Green and Fox are not a toxic former couple.

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