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“I stupidly said no”: Halle Berry Regrets Refusing to Star Alongside Keanu Reeves in $350M Movie That Ultimately Went to Sandra Bullock

From Denzel Washington, and Brad Pitt, to Halle Berry, and Emily Blunt, there is one thing all of these Hollywood stars have in common. That is, having to refuse a role at one point in their careers. While some are glad about their decisions, thinking later how they dodged a bullet, for some it became the greatest regret of their lives. Brad Pitt as Neo in The Matrix, Emily Blunt as the Black Widow, and Halle Berry as the woman driving the bus full of explosives opposite Keanu Reeves in Speed, were supposed to be the original versions of the movies.

Halle Berry, American actress
Halle Berry, American actress

However, due to circumstances, they turned these roles down and, coincidentally, ended up giving Keanu Reeves, Scarlett Johansson, and Sandra Bullock their most iconic roles to date. Halle Berry specifically, though, commented that she regrets saying no to Speed even now, as this would have given her the chance of starring opposite Keanu Reeves a long time ago. Although Sandra Bullock gave an exceptional performance in the movie, it sure does make people wonder how Halle Berry’s version of Annie would have been.

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Halle Berry regrets refusing Speed

According to the Catwoman star, this seems to be one of the biggest regrets of her life. Halle Berry noted in an interview during the promotion tour of John Wick: Chapter 3, that she had the opportunity to work with Keanu Reeves decades ago but she stupidly turned it down. She said in the interview, “I was offered Speed before Sandra Bullock.” According to her she still seems to regret that decision every time she watches the movie, “I see the movie and I’m like, arrrghhh.”

Halle Berry as Sofia in John Wick

She added that although she feels stupid for turning it down, “but in my defense when I read the script the bus didn’t leave the parking lot.” The role of the bus driver, Annie, then went to Sandra Bullock and gave her the biggest break of her career. Fortunately for Berry and the fans, they got another opportunity to work together, in one of the biggest franchises of Hollywood, John Wick, which seems to have taken the sting out of that decision a bit.

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Halle Berry’s spectacular Hollywood career

Although she might regret turning down Speed, it sure did not drown her opportunities. Halle Berry has starred in many projects that far surpassed the impact Speed would have had on her career. From James Bond to Monster’s Ball, and even the X- Men, she has touched a lot of the biggest franchises Hollywood has to offer.

Halle Berry after her historic Oscar win
Halle Berry after her historic Oscar win

Her groundbreaking performance in Monster’s Ball brought her the Best Actress award in the 2002 Academy Awards, making her the first Black woman in history to win an Oscar since the ceremony began in 1929. After decades of stellar performances spanning various genres, fans are eagerly waiting to see what her upcoming Netflix sci-fi movie The Mothership has in store for them.

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