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“That’s what’ll get me out of the house”: Sandra Bullock Ready to Return With Keanu Reeves for Speed 3 Despite John Wick Star Ditching Her to Save His Own Career

If there are classic blockbuster films from the 1990s that come into your head when you think about the 90s era, we can be pretty sure that many of those films will have the presence of Keanu Reeves as the lead in them. Most popular for playing the role of NEO in the classic The Matrix series, the star helped the franchise become the cultural phenomenon that it is to this day!

Keanu Reeves as NEO in a still from The Matrix
Keanu Reeves as NEO in a still from The Matrix Reloaded

But not only did he make contributions to one franchise, his presence as the lead along with co-star Sandra Bullock in the film Speed made the film into an Oscar-Winning commercial success. Thus, after almost three decades of the film’s arrival into the history of cinema, Bullock is excited for the chance of working with his fellow star once more for a third film from the franchise.

Sandra Bullock Wants To Do Speed 3 With Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in a still from Speed

While he might be the talk of the town in this day and age for playing the role of the most deadly assassin in the world in the John Wick franchise, Keanu Reeves still maintains the versatility of playing any role that he has been assigned to. Thus, from action thrillers to comedy dramas, the Constantine star has been a fan-favorite actor to see on the big screen. Thus, it’s no surprise that many stars from the industry might also want to work with him again.

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During an interview with Fox 5 New York about her then-upcoming film The Lost City, Sandra Bullock, along with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, were chatting about the film and what the audience can expect from the film that also starred Channing Tatum. During that interview, Bullock was asked whether she would agree to do a third film in the Speed franchise, to which she replied with an enthusiastic yes. She also added:

“If Daniel would direct Speed 3: Horsepower…that’s what’ll get me out of the house.”

While Radcliffe might have an idea about what the film shall look like in his head, the chances of Reeves returning to the franchise after his absence from the second film in the series is highly unlikely.

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What Made Speed A Blockbuster?

Behind The Scenes still from the sets of Speed
Behind The Scenes still from the sets of Speed

The theme of a story consisting of an action/drama narrative of a hostage situation was already present in the industry until the director Jan de Bont brought an adrenaline-rushing twist to it with Speed. The progression, mixed with the character designs and development and the outstanding audio work that won the film two Academy Awards were the main reasons why the film became an instant hit with the audience.

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Speed is streaming on Apple TV.

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