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As breakup rumors stir between celebrity couple Megan Fox and MGK, SoSyncd founder and relationship expert, Louella Alderson, unpacks the dynamic.

According to Anderson, the couple is definitely toxic, and ” they clearly have an unhealthy obsession with each other.” From the start of their relationship, they’ve shared that they are twin flames, and have a chaotic love story to match — adorned with an engagement ring that hurts to take off.


“MGK stating that ‘love is pain’ illustrates how the two embraced and even consciously amplified the toxicity,” Anderson continues. Relationships such as these breed trust issues, jealousy and control, which cannot sustain a couple in the long run.”A relationship like Megan and MGK’s isn’t healthy for them, no matter how in love they are,” she says. “Relationships should be a source of joy, not pain and suffering.”

As for whether couples can come back from reaching the “toxic” point of the relationship, Alderson questions it, as well. “If the cheating rumors are true, they will need to work on communicating openly and honestly to salvage their relationship. However, given that toxicity is so engrained in Megan and MGK’s relationship already, it might be time for them to take a step back and reassess their relationship. It can be incredibly difficult to change this dynamic when it is such a core foundation of a relationship. But it is possible if they are willing to look at themselves, take responsibility for their actions and learn from the toxic patterns they have found themselves in.”

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