Lily Collins

“The truth is, I was angry, I missed him”: Emily in Paris Star Lily Collins Never Wanted to be Called a “Nepo Baby”, Details Relationship With Her Father Phil Collins

Throughout her career in Hollywood, Lily Collins, besides being a lovely actress, has come to be known as a textbook ‘nepo baby’. In simpler words, her success in the film industry is more or less attributed to the fact that she is the daughter of famous parental figures, the term for which is nepotism. But while many people seem to think that’s the main reason behind her accomplishments, the Windfall actress doesn’t agree with it in the least.

Lily Collins
Lily Collins

The British-American actress recently revealed how contrary to popular belief, the fame of her parents has nothing to do with her personal achievements in life. In fact, her relationship with her father has been quite a complicated one, something which according to her, further proves that she has learned to stand on her own two feet instead of any favors.

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Lily Collins Doesn’t Like Being Called A ‘Nepo Baby’

While Lily Collins’ mother, Jill Tavelman, is an actress, her father, Phil Collins, is a famous singer, record producer, as well as an actor. Talent clearly seems to be rooted in the family itself. However, the Tolkien star doesn’t like to hear people say that she has become successful on the basis of her parents’ popularity.

In an interview with Vogue France, the Emily in Paris star remarked how she’s most definitely “proud” of her father’s work, but at the same time, she has always wanted to be more than just the daughter of a renowned musician.

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The Emily in Paris star with her parents

“I’m proud of my dad, but I wanted to be me, not just his daughter. For that, I was ready to wait to break through.”

An English artist, Phil is not only an actor but is also a famous singer, drummer, and songwriter. He has even released three UK and seven US number-one hits in his career as a solo musician. And more often than not, the advancement of the Love, Rosie actress is looked upon as a mere byproduct of wealthy and sought-after parents with strong connections. But in reality, Collins, 33, actually had a rather rocky relationship with her dad.

A Brief Look into Lily Collins’ Relationship With Her Father

Back in 2017, Collins got her very own book titled Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me, published, wherein, besides other things, she addressed the struggles of not being identified for her own hard work. Coming from a family background filled with fame, the actress and model often found herself in the middle of unpleasant situations like being called a “nepo baby” instead of earning credit for her efforts.

Despite her popularity being attached to that of her father, Collins revealed that her equation with her dad was actually quite different than what people made it out to be.

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Lily Collins with her father, Phil Collins
Lily Collins with her father, Phil Collins

“Because my dad was often gone, I never wanted to do anything that would make him stay away even longer. I became extra careful about what I said and how I said it, afraid he’d think I was angry or didn’t love him.”

“And the truth is, I was angry. I missed him and wanted him there. I’ve realized that many of my deepest insecurities stem from these issues with my dad. It’s taken me over a decade to resolve some of them (others I’m still resolving) and to finally build up the courage to speak my mind to him.” 

But even after such ups and downs, both of them have finally come to adore each other as sources claim that Collins and her father are presently doing great.

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