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Taurus season has us taking style notes from true Taureans like Anushka Sharma and Gigi Hadid

Fashion mavens like Gigi Hadid, Lizzo, Madhuri Dixit, and Anushka Sharma make a perfect set to refer to for Taurean-influenced style

Taurus season brings a sense of classic sophistication with strong notes of pragmatism and comfort in fashion. Taureans are the essential gatekeepers for fashion leading into spring-summer dressing. As the warmer months approach and our wardrobes go through a quick revamp, looking for style inspiration from some of the fashion front runners is an obvious choice. It’s no surprise that some of the biggest names in fashion are born during the Taurus season, as this fixed sign is known to dedicate itself to a certain aesthetic that is true to its own choices and preferences, paying no heed to the trends circulating rampantly.

Key terms that define the Taurus style are comfort, practicality, and resilience. This fixed sign has no tolerance for the erratic or unplanned and prefers styles that are rooted in consistency. While charting their own place in the fashion-verse, and boasting a strong roster of the biggest names in fashion like Cher, Gigi Hadid, and Anushka Sharma, Taureans make an ideal reference point for style notes. From Sharma’s classic and understated style to Hadid’s eclectic, chic, and yet girl-next-door aesthetic, we list key elements of true Taurean style and how dressing like one is an essential summer style statement.

Earthy tones

Gravitating towards earthy tones, this fixed sign is known to curate a wardrobe packed with tones like beige, gray, tan, brown and green. While Hadid chose to layer her tones, Lizzo made a statement in a beige cutout jumpsuit. Dixit shows us how to add earthy tones to a traditional look while Sharma aced a casual daytime look in the same.

Fresh florals

A sign that is characterized by its great love for the outdoors, Taureans have a natural proclivity towards florals. A print that has no limitation when it comes to how one may choose to wear it, when it comes to embracing the easy summer vibe, it is a non-negotiable must-have. While Dixit and Sharma show us how to wear the print, fuss-free to a summer wedding, Hadid and Lizzo give us a version that can go from daytime to evening with minor tweaks.

Timeless classics

Not the ones to give into trends and prefer a well-curated ensemble, this fixed sign gravitates towards all things classic and timeless. With a certain taste for luxury and regard for quality, Taurens are truly masters of great taste. From Sharma’s elegant canary Dior look to Hadid’s classic Ralph Lauren suit, these fashion darlings know how to keep it rooted in classics. While Dixit gave us a winning look in a classic silk sari, Lizzo made a statement in a classic off-shoulder dress with a classic diamond studded necklace.

Statement shoulders

Taureans are known for their strength and love a look that amplifies and highlights one of their strongest features; their shoulders. Be it an off-shoulder look like Lizzo’s and Sharma’s or bold shoulders like the one Hadid chose with a boxy blazer or Dixit’s box-shoulder dress, they know how to work this powerful style statement.

Romantic elements

While well curated classics may be a true forte for taureans, they prefer adding elements of romance and subtle sense of sensuality to their timeless pieces. From head to toe lace like the one Hadid chose to pearly embellishments if Lizzo, they are masters at creating sartorial romance.

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