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Like most of us this eclipse season, Megan Fox spent most of her time crying in the shower. But by the looks of her subtle Instagram post, that in no way interfered with her birthday plans.

In the subtle post, Fox shared a carousel of videos and photos donning a blue catsuit as she brought in her birthday. The first video features Machine Gun Kelly‘s song “Make Up Sex” cleverly beginning with the lyrics “screaming when we f-ck.” Just as you think the post has reached its peak explicitness, you reach slide four.

“Was this blue outfit expensive because we just cut a hole in the crotch so we could have sex,” her hilarious text to her team member reads at the lovely hour of 2 a.m.  Obviously hinting at the birthday sex she just shared with her lover. Doubling down on the troll-like energy, she follows the screenshot with a group photo that randomly features former pro baseball player Alex Rodriguez and a cute selfie.

Fox is not only celebrating her birthday but an eclipse and full moon, which has deep significance for her and her twin flame. Fox has been open about her journey of manifestation that dates back to her childhood and how that journey led to this intense, blood-sipping connection.

The hilarious moment comes after speculation about whether the lovers are welcoming a child after MGK referred to Fox as his wife and honored their unborn child before performing “Twin Flame.”

Per usual, her comments are mixed with support from some followers who love to see a bold woman enjoying her sexual nature. And on the other side, a slew of followers who want to know why she feels the need to share such moments. Regardless of the comment section, Fox is living her best life in love and authenticity and she’s here for it, whether fans are or not.

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