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The ‘lazy girl luxe wave’ is the beach wave 2.0 – and the only hairstyle you’ll want to wear this summer

Summer is well and truly on the way so it’s time to level up your hair for the new season – and that’s where the lazy girl luxe wave comes into play.

The lazy girl luxe wave is a slightly more lived in and effortless looking classic flat, beachy wave. It’s looser and feels almost wispier and grown out but with a glossy finish.

“It’s the perfect second day, summer hair look,” says Syd Hayes. “It’s giving fresh from the beach but still looking healthy and glistening in the sun.”

Syd says that a great haircut is key for this look, and you should plump for shattered ends to help the wave feel undone yet polished. “It’s not severe or drastic which is makes it so wearable too.”

Syd believes that having chic hair like the lazy girl wave is now simple to do and achievable without spending an hour in the salon. “For this look it’s really important to start with a good base, adding volume to the hair so it still feels full, thick and not too flat,” he says.

“Create volume in the hair using a mousse or foam at the roots – I like the Sam McKnight Cool Girl Volume Foam – focusing on the root area so hair appears more 3-dimensional.

“Once bone dry, add kinks and waves to the hair using the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Waving Wand – it’s important to not create curls as this will create a very different look. Alternate the direction of the wave and keep the ends out for a fresher take on the classic beach wave. Once waved, the next step is to brush out the waves so there’s more wave and less curl.

“My top tip for this look is to use a sea salt spray rather than a texturising spray. Sea sprays are wetter and less drying in texture. My favourite is the Hair by Sam McKnight Sundaze Sea Spray – it helps to accentuate natural movement and adds just the amount of grit to encourage just the right amount of flyaways.”

The end result is natural, relaxed, sexy and, most importantly, easy to manage whether on the beach or creating a hair style that transports you to one.

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