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“I wasn’t sure if I could feel my toes”: Anne Hathaway Hid Her Hypothermia So That Christopher Nolan’s $773M Movie Doesn’t Stop Shooting

From finding her footing in the industry by playing Disney Princesses during her initial years in Hollywood, Anne Hathaway has cemented herself as one of the most versatile stars in the modern era. Over the years, the actress has collaborated with several auteurs of our time, most notably Christopher Nolan, with whom she paired up during the final chapter in Nolan’s Iconic TDK trilogy.

But The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t the only time the duo came across each other, as not long after playing the role of Selina Kyle in the threequel, Hathaway would find herself in Nolan’s Interstellar. However, during the filming of Nolan’s iconic sci-fi adventure, Hathaway would go through major health problems but didn’t let those inconveniences break the movie’s momentum.

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Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway refused to open up about her health issues during Interstellar 

The process of crafting one of Nolan’s best works wasn’t easy on the cast, especially Anne Hathaway. Considering that the director is known for his love of practical effects, to nail the visual aspect of the movie, the whole team would go under ferocious shooting in the extreme weather of Iceland.

Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway

The Princess Diaries actress opened up about her experience and revealed that while performing one of her scenes in the cold water, she’d realized that her astronaut suit was left open. But the actress refuse to solve the issue as it would have hindered the momentum of the shooting and as a result, the actress would allegedly suffer from hypothermia. Hathaway said,

“We’d been shooting in the elements, and it’s not like I was the only one in pain. I was just the only one in specific pain, and I didn’t want to hold up shooting. But at some point, I wasn’t sure if I could feel my toes. And then I was feeling all sorts of weird flashes…and that’s when I turned to our first [assistant director], and I said, ‘Hey, I don’t know that much about hypothermia, but what are the symptoms?’”

Interstellar (2014)
Interstellar (2014)

But the challenges during the production weren’t just limited to physical struggles, as the actress later opened up about how the role impacted her behavior towards her costars during filming.

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Going full method for Interstellar impacted Anne Hathaway’s demeanor in real life

Playing the role of Brand, a socially awkward scientist that wasn’t emotionally welcoming to the rest of the characters during the beginning, would impact the actress in real life. To nail the character of Brand, who goes under a character arc of becoming more humble by the end of the movie, Anne Hathaway decided to go full method for the role. But as a result, the actress wasn’t the most fun person around and felt sorry for everyone who tried to talk with her between the takes. She explained,

“Once I understood who she was, then it became fun calibrating her. This time I gave myself permission to go a bit more method. As a result, I was not my most fun—this is a character who has a deep social awkwardness. I felt bad for anyone who had to talk to me between takes,”

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Anne Hathaway as Brand
Anne Hathaway as Brand

But her struggles would eventually pay off, as the movie was able to garner immense appreciation from both fans and critics. And even though Matthew McConaughey was the main attraction of the movie, Hathaway didn’t fail to emerge as one of the standout performers from the film.

Interstellar is available to stream on Netflix.

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