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“It’s always been a dream”: Keanu Reeves Wants to Play Live-Action Batman Despite Turning Down the Offer That Nearly Killed His Hollywood Career

Courtesy of his inherent talent and endless potential, Keanu Reeves is one of the most celebrated actors in the film industry today. From horrors and thrillers to classic action ventures, his repertoire of films is no short of iconic.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

While Reeves’ portfolio seems to lack superhero projects, save for the renegade exorcist he portrayed in 2005’s Constantine, he has voiced DC’s legendary Bruce Wayne in an animated movie.   And the John Wick star took such a strong penchant for the character that he couldn’t tamp down the urge of wanting to depict Batman in a live-action adaptation. But of course, Robert Pattinson beat him to it. The plot twist, however, is that Reeves nearly starred in 1995’s Batman Forever.

Alexa, play Rolling in the Deep by Adele because Reeves really could’ve had it all.

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Keanu Reeves on Playing Batman

With the kind of superhero Batman is, all dark intensity and unparalleled power, who can blame Keanu Reeves for wanting to take over the character in a live-action film?

Reeves, who voiced the animated iteration of the Caped Crusader in Jared Stern’s DC League of Super-Pets, once revealed his desire of wanting to play the part beyond just that. Talking to Extra, The Matrix star admitted that it had always been a dream of his to be able to play Gotham’s savior on the big screens, which is why he’d be more than happy to lead a live-action Batman movie should the opportunity present itself.

Keanu Reeves voiced Batman in DC League of Super-Pets (2022)

Sadly enough for Reeves though, Robert Pattinson had already stepped into the shoes of the character for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. But who knows, maybe the Canadian actor could play an older version of the billionaire superhero.

“It’s always been a dream, but [Robert] Pattinson’s got Batman right now and he’s doing awesome, so maybe down the road. Maybe when they need an older Batman.”

If only he wouldn’t have turned down Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever, Reeves would’ve had his dream come true decades ago.

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The John Wick Star Nearly Became Batman in 1995 

After Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992), Michael Keaton refused to don the cape for Schumacher’s film owing to their creative differences. Thus began the hunt for DC’s new Bruce Wayne. Enter Reeves, who was presented with the golden opportunity of suiting up as the Dark Knight in Batman Forever. But due to some twist of fate, the Constantine star ended up turning it down which is why the role ultimately went to Top Gun star Val Kilmer instead.

Batman Forever (1995)

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While the 58-year-old has expressed ample regret over his past decision, what’s done is done and there’s no way to change it. What we can do though, is hope to see Reeves put on the Batman soon in the foreseeable future.

DC League of Super-Pets is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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