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“This is the worst f**king costume I’ve ever worn”: Matt Damon Was Furious at Christopher Nolan for Interstellar, Made Anne Hathaway Complain Too

Interstellar was one of the biggest hits and best films of the last decade. Starring Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, and Jessica Chastain among others, the 2014 film was about a group of scientists going in search of another habitable planet. But the filming experience was not entirely positive for Anne Hathaway.

The Hollywood A-lister had revealed that she faced several problems on the set of the Christopher Nolan-directed film. However, she couldn’t voice the main issue plaguing her till Matt Damon came in and reported those problems to Nolan right away to help her.

Anne Hathaway Couldn’t Complain To Christopher Nolan Till Matt Damon Did 

Anne Hathaway in Interstellar
Anne Hathaway in Interstellar

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Anne Hathaway talked about the costume issues she faced on Interstellar. The actress revealed that the spacesuits were tough to wear but she didn’t want to complain first since she was the only woman on the crew. Hathaway said:

“The worst costume I’ve ever had was on Interstellar. Oh, those spacesuits were, they were hard. And you know we were in pretty rugged conditions. We were in Iceland, we were running through water. We were, you know, climbing glaciers. And maybe I put too much pressure on myself, but I was the only girl on the crew who was wearing one. So, I just thought, ‘I can’t complain about this. It can’t be me that breaks,’” 

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Matt Damon

Thankfully, she didn’t have to be the one who told Christopher Nolan about the problem she was facing. Matt Damon came in and helped everyone out. Hathaway confessed that it was only once Damon complained that everyone else spoke up as well. The actress said:

“Matt Damon came in and started his first day. And about two hours into it, he just pitched forward and went, ‘This is the worst f***ing costume I’ve ever worn.’ And it was OK because once Matt Damon said it then the rest of us could complain.” 

This apparently wasn’t the first instance where Anne Hathaway was hesitant to complain about an issue she was facing. The Devil Wears Prada star was also hesitant to express her concerns when she thought she was suffering from hypothermia.

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Anne Hathaway Faced Life-Threatening Incident On The Interstellar Set

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Anne Hathaway revealed that she was once almost engulfed by a major illness during the filming of Interstellar. The star stated that she didn’t even know she was suffering from it until it was almost too late. This time too it involved a malfunctioning suit that almost caused hypothermia. The actress said:

“I was wearing a suit that Kayakers wear, called a dry suit. And human error, we didn’t close it all the way. And you’re in the suit for hours and hours and hours, so there was about an inch opening in it, and I’m sitting in the water, which is not very warm. We’d been shooting in the elements, and it was not like I was the only one in pain. I was just the only one in specific pain, and I didn’t want to hold up shooting.” 

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Christopher Nolan and Anne Hathaway
Christopher Nolan and Anne Hathaway

Initially, Hathaway didn’t say anything because she was afraid of delaying the shoot. But the actress had to speak up when she started having trouble seeing. The actress said:

“But at some point, I wasn’t sure if I could feel my toes and then I was feeling all sorts of weird flashes and things were getting a little hazy around the edges, and that’s when I turned to our first [assistant director], and I said, ‘Hey, I don’t know that much about hypothermia, but what are the symptoms?’” 

It doesn’t look like Anne Hathaway had a blast filming Interstellar. But maybe looking at the box office results made her feel that her hard work had paid off. After all, the Christopher Nolan-directed film grossed $773 million on a budget of $165 million and the actress received acclaim for her portrayal.

Interstellar is streaming on Netflix.

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