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“She helped me guide through that”: Sandra Bullock Helped Co-Star Land Lead Role in Netflix’s Top 10 Most Watched Series to Conquer Hollywood

Sandra Bullock has been acting for a very long time and her experience has certainly impacted a lot of people. The primary example of that would be Lily Collins, whom she has influenced extensively to make her the person she is now. Her journey to peak fame has been interesting and inviting. Bullock’s contribution to that is even more intriguing.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

Collins is now starring in one of the most successful Netflix series, Emily in Paris. The show is getting one season after another, gaining love and support from the fans. For this, the actress has a lot to look back at. Especially her mentor and superstar Sandra Bullock. She could not stop thanking her for the guidance that has helped her throughout her career.

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Sandra Bullock Guided Lily Collins Which Got her Emily in Paris

Lily Collins opened up about how the first time she did a movie was an experience that led to a lot of success in her life. She referred to The Blind Side, the movie that also got her on the path of recognition. It was her first time working with Sandra Bullock and the actress became her mentor almost instantaneously.

Lily Collins
Lily Collins

“My first film was with Sandra Bullock, and she helped guide me through that experience,” Collins reminisced about her experience with Bullock. “We stayed in touch, and she’s just such a warm, wonderful spirit, who just really took me under her wing.”

She talked about how the two always stayed in contact and the way she guided the City of Bones star was what led her to be confident enough to bag Emily in Paris. The series brought her immense fame and she managed to make a mark in the world in a unique manner. Bullock was the mentor whom she did not know Collins needed but when she got her, it was like a dream come true.

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Julia Roberts Also Became A Mentor For Lily Collins

It wasn’t just Sandra Bullock who managed to influence Lily Collins life in an impactful way. Julia Roberts became another important figure in her life who went on to guide her and help her ever since they first shot their movie together.

Julia Roberts switched from movies to shows
Julia Roberts

“On Mirror, Mirror she’s playing my evil queen, and yet she couldn’t have been more warm.”

The two met on the set of Mirror, Mirror, and had since developed a relationship that of a mentor and their mentee. Roberts would always guide the actress whenever it was needed and she helped her understand just how movie sets can work and how to navigate through them. Now with Ashley Park, Collins is once again creating a bond that she cherishes heavily. This bond has also benefited a lot of how they act on the set of Emily in Paris.

Emily in Paris is now streaming on Netflix.

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