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Lily Collins picked a dramatic shape and What Else for June 15, 2023

Lily Collins picks a dramatic shape – and the drama is GOOD. I love the exaggerated hips and the high collar happening in this look. What I don’t love is that wisp of bang coming across her forehead. Would prefer it pulled all the way back. (Go Fug Yourself)

People are mad at Lady Gaga for promoting a migraine medication on Instagram. Those people might be mad at me then for saying that I’m not mad her for it because I just googled for more information about it. There are people in my life I deeply care about, including my husband Jacek, who suffer from migraines. A migraine day is a terrible day because it’s not just the headache and the sensitivity to light, it’s also the nausea and sometimes diarrhea and the time wasted – because when you have a migraine, you can’t do much except wait for it to pass. That’s why people say they’re debilitating. Jacek has migraine pills that he takes when he feels one coming on and they work, but then he’s also a bit stressed about it because he worries that if he uses them too much they won’t work as well. I’m not saying don’t be mad at Lady Gaga if you find it offensive. My point is just if you know someone who struggles with migraines, you do really want to help them feel better. (Dlisted)

I was all excited to see Princess Kate in her leopard print dress but the print is muted by the colour – green. Which… how stupid of me to think that she would actually step out in leopard print the way a Kardashian or Joan Collins or JLo would wear it. I mean I would love it if she did… but that’s not what’s happening here, although I’m sure some British tabloid or member of the royal rota will call this a “radical” fashion choice, LOL. (Cele|bitchy)

I must have missed the moment when Charlie Puth said that he was “hungies” and I’m happy for myself that I didn’t know it back then but I feel angry at myself that I know about it now. I don’t want to hear anyone saying “I’m hungies”. Not a child and definitely not an adult. No one. (Pajiba)

Do you remember the Caroline Calloway drama a few years ago? It was during scam season with all kinds of scammers and she wasn’t topline like the guy from the Fyre Festival or Elizabeth Holmes or Anna Delvey but this was an Instagram scandal. And there was a corner of the internet that was very invested. And now there’s an update from Natalie Beach, the person who called her out. (The Cut)

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