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Here’s Where to Watch and Stream Anne Hathaway’s New Drama Movie ‘Armageddon Time’ Online

Watch Stream Armageddon Time Online

Even though he is never counted as one, director James Gray’s filmography has to be one that is extremely consistent. His movies have always felt like they follow a certain conventional storytelling format and do not have something truly original to offer. But, at the same time, he manages to invoke a certain sense of posterity from these supposedly conventional tales, carving a niche for himself among contemporary American filmmakers. His latest film ‘Armageddon Time’ is no different.



Packed with an all-star cast headlined by Anne Hathway & Jeremy Strong, Armageddon Time is James Gray’s follow-up to his 2019 sci-fi fable Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt. And while both Ad Astra and the Robert Pattinson starrer The Lost City of Z (2016) focused on putting humanity back in the adventure genre, Armageddon Time, in spite of its fantasy-esque title, is a more personal tale about pursuing the “American Dream.”

Following the life of the Graff Family – a traditional Jewish-American unit in the 1980s, Gray’s latest film is about the many trials and tribulations they have to face in order to survive. The story centers around the bond that is forged between Paul Graff (Banks Repeta) & Johnny Davis (Jaylin Webb), when Paul’s parents Esther (Anne Hathaway) and Irving (Jeremy Strong) are strongly against this friend their child has with a black child.



After its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, Armageddon Time, which was lauded by both audiences and critics is making quite a buzz. The coming Oscar season may see the movie getting nominated for multiple categories automatically uplifting the movie’s status to a must-see.

Currently, at 77% Rotten Tomatoes score, the website’s consensus claims that “Armageddon Time finds writer-director James Gray excavating his own past and returning with a well-acted drama refreshingly free of nostalgia.”

Armageddon Time Cast:

As mentioned above, Armageddon Time is packed with a brilliant cast that is headlined by Anne Hathaway, who fans have been waiting to get their eyes on ever since the lockdown debacle in the 2021 film “Locked Down.” Also in the heading cast is Jeremy Strong, who people might remember from ‘The Trial of Chicago 7’ or basically everyone who has been following HBO’s blast of a series ‘Succession.’



Co-heading the cast are child actors Banks Repeta (The Black Phone) & Jaylin Webb, with more than extended cameos from Anthony Hopkins & Jessica Chastain (who already seem to be in the Oscar race for her turn in The Good Nurse).

Where to Watch and Stream ‘Armageddon Time’ Online?



You can now watch Armageddon Time online on Prime Video. Focus Features, which usually releases its title on Peacock, has also made the title available for Prime subscribers across the US beginning June 20th, 2023.

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