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“That guy can’t handle it”: Forget About Keanu Reeves, Joe Rogan’s Friend Feels Arnold Schwarzenegger Is the Nicest Guy in Hollywood

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of ego clashes and diva behavior. However, every so often, a tale emerges that paints a different picture. Comedian and actor Bert Kreischer recently shared his experiences with one of Hollywood’s most iconic figures, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his account is refreshingly positive.

Kreischer’s anecdotes reveal a side of Schwarzenegger that is often overshadowed by his larger-than-life on-screen persona. Let’s delve into Kreischer’s experiences and discover why he believes Schwarzenegger is the nicest guy in Hollywood, even when compared to the universally loved Keanu Reeves.

Bert Kreischer’s Encounter with Edward Norton and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bert Kreischer and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bert Kreischer and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bert Kreischer’s encounters with Arnold Schwarzenegger are not your typical Hollywood meet-and-greets. They involve sweat, grit, and the clanging of weights in the gym. Kreischer has shared numerous stories of working out with Schwarzenegger, each one more entertaining than the last. In one memorable instance, Kreischer ran into Edward Norton at breakfast shortly after a workout with Schwarzenegger. Kreischer’s enthusiastic greeting seemed to overwhelm Norton, leading Kreischer to observe,

“That guy can’t handle it.”

This light-hearted banter, coupled with Schwarzenegger’s willingness to guide Kreischer through tough workouts, paints a picture of a Hollywood icon who is down-to-earth and approachable.

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Schwarzenegger vs. Reeves: A Battle of Niceness

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

While Keanu Reeves is often hailed as the nicest guy in Hollywood, Kreischer’s experiences suggest that Schwarzenegger could give him a run for his money. Despite his intimidating physique and action-hero image, Schwarzenegger is known for his friendly and approachable personality.

Kreischer’s anecdotes echo this sentiment, describing Schwarzenegger as someone who is quick to laugh and always ready to lend a helping hand. Unlike the quiet and reserved Reeves, Schwarzenegger’s affability is more outgoing and engaging, making his interactions with others more personal and memorable.

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Schwarzenegger’s Influence: More Than Just Muscle

Arnold Schwarzenegger The Expendables 2 premiere
Arnold Schwarzenegger at the premiere of The Expendables 2

Schwarzenegger’s impact on Kreischer and others extends beyond his friendly personality. His personal trainer role and inspiring work ethic have left a lasting impression. Schwarzenegger’s dedication to fitness and commitment to helping others achieve their fitness goals has inspired many, including Kreischer. Despite his many heart surgeries, Schwarzenegger continues to train, proving that age is just a number when it comes to staying fit and healthy.

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While opinions about the nicest person in Hollywood can be subjective, Bert Kreischer’s experiences with Arnold Schwarzenegger provide a compelling argument in favor of the Terminator star. Schwarzenegger’s friendly demeanor, approachability, and inspiring work ethic set him apart in an industry often criticized for its superficiality. As Kreischer’s anecdotes reveal, Schwarzenegger is not just a Hollywood icon but also a genuinely nice guy, even when compared to the universally loved Keanu Reeves.

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