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A $1K statue of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman has DC fans drooling

11 years later, Hathaway's Catwoman still can't be beat.

What could we expect DC fans to be swooning over if not a thousand-dollar… ‘suggestive’ statue of Anne Hathaway? When The Dark Knight Rises came out, audiences flocked to the theaters to see Christopher Nolan’s take on the billionaire-turned-Batman, as well as Tom Hardy’s Bane and Hathaway’s Selina Kyle… although mainly the latter.

By then, Hathaway had become a Hollywood A-lister, so if it wasn’t her incredible good looks that attracted a crowd, it was her undeniable talent. As expected, The Dark Knight Rises — like its predecessor with Heath Ledger’s Joker — was a roaring success, in part due to Hathaway. We could sit here and pretend that Hathaway wasn’t the sex appeal of the movie, but we’d be lying. And that isn’t just objectifying women (which is entirely wrong), that’s the truth.

If we’ve learned anything from Catwoman, like many of DC’s women, they were created to appease the male gaze. Look at Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Wonder Woman; scantily-clad, seductive, and visibly appealing. We never thought those qualities would transfer into a statue, but here we are.

Taken from a behind-the-scenes shot of Hathaway’s Catwoman (which also happened to be our first look at the character when shooting commenced), the statue is a snapshot of Catwoman leaning on Batman’s motorcycle (the BatPod), which she “borrows” throughout The Dark Knight Rises. As Hathaway’s character arches her back, she draws attention to her “natural advantages” as a female.

This Catwoman memorabilia will run you $1K, so unless you can’t contain yourself, it might be worth keeping that wallet in your pocket. It was made by Queen Studios, a company known for creating resin statues, and obviously they’re targeting the right audience.

On the other hand, instead of focusing solely on the statue itself, Redditors chose to poke fun at the OP’s choice of words. Get it? “Christopher Nolan’s Catwoman?”

As part of their public service, another commenter scoured the internet for a clip of Hathaway scolding an interviewer for being “offensive” (in jest), which many viewers have found… arousing, let’s say.

Let’s not dare to introduce the world to Anne Hathaway’s character in Ocean’s Eight.

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