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They’ve Never Worked Together, But Are Tom Cruise And Scarlett Johansson Friends?

Some awkward rumors hinted at strife between Tom Cruise and Scarlett Johansson, and they've never even worked together.

Having been in the entertainment business for decades, it’s almost hard to imagine that fellow A-listers Tom Cruise and Scarlett Johansson have never worked together. Yes, both actors are highly successful with Cruise continuously enjoying box office success thanks to his Mission: Impossible and Top Gun movies.

As for Johansson, the veteran actress managed to find success in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in critical hits such as Lost in TranslationMarriage Story, and Jojo Rabbit.

Recently though, the idea of getting Johansson and Cruise to do something together has come up. But would this really happen? And are Tom and Scarlett even friends?

Scarlett Johansson And Tom Cruise Almost Worked Together Once

Tom Cruise shoots a scene Mission: Impossible 6
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Back in the early 2000s, Paramount was eager to make another hit with Cruise. By then, there had only been two Mission: Impossible movies and both were box office hits. Cruise, who also serves as one of the franchise’s producers, decided to tap director Joe Carnahan after seeing his crime drama Narc after original director David Fincher exited the project.

From the beginning, Carnahan wanted his film to be a departure from what John Woo did in Mission: Impossible 2. As for the cast, Kate Moss soon signed on to play the female lead. At the same time, it was also reported that Johansson had joined the cast and that she was already training for her role.

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In 2004, however, Carnahan departed the franchise due to creative differences. At this point, Cruise tapped J.J. Abrams after watching the Jennifer Garner-led series Alias. Once Abrams signed on, he tapped Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman to rewrite the script for Mission: Impossible III.

Maggie Q and Keri Russell were eventually cast, along with Michelle Monaghan who becomes Cruise’s love interest. Meanwhile, Johansson and Moss both exited the project.

The Two Stars Were Also At The Center Of This Awkward Rumor

Scarlett Johansson attends the 76th Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of Asteroid City
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While Johansson and Cruise ended up not working together, the two stars soon became the subject of a bizarre rumor related to Scientology.

In 2018, Brendan Tighe, who had been raised in the Church of Scientology, appeared on Megyn Kelly TODAY where he claimed that the church was holding auditions for a woman who could be in a relationship with Cruise after the actor and first wife Nicole Kidman divorced.

According to Tighe, he discovered the auditions after some information was sent to his printer by accident. Tighe also insisted that among the names on the list was Johansson where it was said that her audition “didn’t go well.”

Since the show aired, the Church of Scientology International released a statement discrediting Tighe’s claims and confirming that he was “removed” from his position as the organization’s security guard.

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As for Johansson, the actress also released a statement denying Tighe’s claims. “The very idea of any person auditioning to be in a relationship is so demeaning,” she told Insider.

“I refuse for anyone to spread the idea that I lack the integrity to choose my own relationships.” Since then, it appears that Johansson and Cruise never crossed paths for any Hollywood project.

So, Are Tom Cruise And Scarlett Johansson Friends?

Tom Cruise red carpet

While these stars are both A-listers and probably running in the same circles, it does appear that Cruise and Johansson are not as close as fans would have liked them to be.

Sure, the two were pictured talking to each other at an event years ago but over the years, they have never been seen hanging out or meeting up. It’s also likely that they never got the opportunity to become good friends since they are yet to work together on any project. That, however, may change very soon.

While at the New York premiere of her film Asteroid City, Johansson revealed that the actor she’s never worked with but would “love to” is none other than a Mission: Impossible star.

Coincidentally, Cruise has also been busy promoting his latest Mission: Impossible film recently. When he was told of Johansson’s wish at his movie’s Rome premiere, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter that it was “gonna happen.”

Cruise also had nothing but praise for the two-time Oscar-nominated actress as he revealed that he has “watched her career her whole life.” The action star also went on to describe Johansson as “enormously talented,” praising her acting range after she’s successfully ventured into various genres throughout her career. Cruise also believes that Johansson “could do everything.”

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For now, it’s unclear if the actor meant getting Johansson to join him in Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two or a completely different film. If the two stars do plan to do something together soon, working a project into their busy schedules may just prove to be tricky.

For one thing, Cruise is currently hard at work on the production of Dead Reckoning Part Two. He also has at least one other upcoming film, which is being done in collaboration with Elon Musk’s Space X.

As for Johansson, the actress has been busy juggling motherhood with Hollywood projects and her new skincare brand, The Outset. And as far as acting commitments go, Johansson has multiple in the works, including Project Artemis with Woody Harrelson and Channing Tatum and Tower of Terror, which the actress is also producing for Disney.

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