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Jared Leto’s ‘WeCrashed’: A humanizing look at the dramatic fall of We Work

Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway starred in "We Crashed", an Apple TV+ series that explored the human side of WeWork's dramatic fall.

What’s hotter than an Oscar-winning duo diving into the chaos and downfall of an infamous office-sharing giant? Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway graced our screens with such a portrayal in “WeCrashed,” a limited series about the founders of WeWork. As reported by Reuters, this eight-part series began streaming on Apple TV+ last year, bringing the Neumanns’ wild ride into the spotlight.

“Big Characters, Very Different Characters”: Jared Leto’s Challenging Transition

After his acclaimed performance in “House of Gucci,” Leto found himself slipping into the shoes of a completely different character – Adam Neumann, the Israeli businessman at the helm of WeWork. “Big characters, very, very different characters,” Leto described. “Just starting with the accents alone. There was a lot to learn.”

In a bold move, Leto had a secret meeting with Adam Neumann, unbeknownst to the filmmakers. Leto’s advice to Neumann was simple and earnest. “I said to him, ‘don’t ever watch it.’ And which I stand by, you know, I mean, there’s no really no – he… first of all, he lived it, why, why, why live through it again? But it’s so subjective and a piece like this.”

A Fair Story, Not a “Takedown Piece”

As for Anne Hathaway, who stepped into the role of Rebekah Neumann, she stressed the importance of maintaining empathy. “These are human beings that we’re talking about, and to put ourselves in a position of superiority to me is missing the point,” Hathaway shared. “This is an opportunity to understand people.”

Both Leto and Hathaway sought fairness in their storytelling, striving to explore the humanity and complexity of these individuals beyond the corporate controversies. “It was important for me not to just be part of a takedown piece, but to really examine the humanity, the complexity of these people,” Leto echoed.

As we look back, “WeCrashed” served as a mirror to the high-stakes world of start-ups, a reminder of the humans behind the headlines, and yet another feather in the cap of Jared Leto’s versatile acting career.

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