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Check out Gal Gadot’s first look for Snow White

Disney’s new seven dwarfs, who will appear in the live-action Snow White remake starring Gal Gadot, are now available for fans to see for the first time.

Early in the next year, a new version of the beloved Disney animated film is finally scheduled to be released. Aside from Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, Rachel Zegler plays the evil Queen Clementianna in the film.

As the story of Snow White and her seven dwarfs returns to the big screen, Gadot has referred to her role in the movie as “different than anything that [she has] ever [done] before,” calling her experience working on the film “delicious.” An updated version of the famous seven dwarfs from Disney’s Snow White, which stars Gal Gadot, can be seen in recent production photos.

Source: Daily Mail

The Daily Mail’s set photos reveal Rachel Zegler’s Snow White together with her seven forest-dwelling friends. The new dwarves, who are a mixture of gender, ethnicity, and height, differ greatly from their cartoon counterparts in appearance.

This represents a significant change for the live-action blockbuster because traditionally, the dwarfs were all short, mainly overweight Caucasian men.

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