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How Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS bodysuit saved woman who was shot 4 times

The woman said that her SKIMS bodysuit was so tight, it prevented her from bleeding out.

A harrowing incident in Kansas City, Missouri, on New Year’s Day 2023, left 22-year-old Angelina Wiley severely injured after she was shot four times while waiting for a Lyft. However, an unlikely hero emerged – a SKIMS shaping bodysuit from Kim Kardashian’s shapewear company that saved her life that night – by preventing her from bleeding out.

In a TikTok video that has garnered over 700,000 views since its posting, Wiley expressed her gratitude towards the shapewear brand, attributing her survival to the bodysuit she was wearing that night. “Kim Kardashian saved my life,” Wiley stated emphatically in the video.

“The night I got shot, under my dress, I was wearing a SKIMS shaping bodysuit. It was so tight on me that it literally kept me from bleeding out. I recommend it. It’s like body armour for women.”

Wiley’s GoFundMe page, where she provided updates on her recovery, revealed the severity of her injuries. A ruptured bladder and a cracked pelvis were just some of the physical challenges she faced, and she continues to grapple with the psychological aftermath of the shooting.

A lodged bullet in her abdomen adds to her ongoing struggles with pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, making it difficult for her to return to work full time.


The Kansas City Missouri Police Department confirmed that the investigation into the shooting incident is ongoing, and as of July 2023, no suspects have been charged. The unidentified shooter’s use of a ski mask has reportedly complicated the identification process.


While Wiley has expressed her gratitude to Kim Kardashian, the socialite or her company have not reacted yet.

Despite the absence of official statements, Wiley’s testimony has drawn attention to the potential benefits of shapewear in certain circumstances. Nevertheless, medical experts have long warned about the potential risks associated with wearing bodysuits for extended periods.

Doctors have recommended wearing a bodysuit for a maximum of six hours a day and to prioritize taking regular bathroom breaks, even if it may be inconvenient to do so.

“Call it fate or Jesus, but I’m (going to) call it Kim, I’m (going to) call it Kim, for sure,” Wiley ended her TikTok expressing gratitude to Kim Kardashian.

Emma Grede and Kim Kardashian founded SKIMS in 2019. The company is valued at $4 billion as of this month.

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