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“She and I both thought it was over”: Matt Damon Hated Kissing Scarlett Johansson In $120M Movie That Left His Oppenheimer Co-Star Emily Blunt Bewildered For A Strange Reason

Putting up with weird situations during movie shoots is hell itself, and yet some amazing actors just manage to do it. One of these fabulous personalities includes none other than the superstars Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, who had to undergo an embarrassingly ugly situation, that ended up making the Good Will Hunting actor hate kissing his Black Widow co-star.

Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson collaborated in 2011 for We Bought a Zoo
Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson collaborated in 2011 for We Bought a Zoo

As recently revealed by the 52-year-old actor himself, he once had to kiss his 38-year-old co-star in their movie together We Bought a Zoo in a super weird situation that made him realize how it was ‘hell’ having to kiss Johansson and that ended up bewildering Damon’s Oppenheimer co-star Emily Blunt for a very strange reason.

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Matt Damon Hated Kissing Scarlett Johansson After This Incident

Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson in a still from We Bought a Zoo
Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson in a still from We Bought a Zoo

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Although both are listed among the A-listers of Hollywood, Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson had to go through an uncanny situation back when they were co-stars in a movie. The Good Will Hunting actor shared this story during a game with his Oppenheimer co-star Emily Blunt where they had to agree or disagree on a statement.

It was on the topic “You should tell someone if they have bad breath” when Damon perked up to reveal the hilariously embarrassing incident that happened back in 2011 when he and Johansson were shooting for their $120M movie together, We Bought a Zoo. Joking about how it was a ‘hell’ to kiss her, Matt Damon said,

“We went to lunch and she and I both thought it was over. She ate an onion sandwich for lunch and she came in and Cameron Crowe had set the camera up and it was a tight shot of the kiss, and she goes, ‘Oh shit, I literally just had an onion sandwich!’”

He continued to admit how he kept on teasing and making fun of Scarlett Johansson for having onion breath while kissing him during the shoot of the rest of the scene, leaving Blunt bewildered. No doubt, if there was anyone else, they too would’ve hated it to kiss someone with an onion breath!

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Matt Damon And Scarlett Johansson’s Roles In We Bought a Zoo

Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson played love interests in the movie We Bought a Zoo
Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson played love interests in the movie We Bought a Zoo

We Bought a Zoo is a book-based family-comedy movie starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson in the lead roles. While Damon played the part of Benjamin Mee, a widowed father who buys a run-down zoo to renovate it for reopening it to the public, Johansson portrayed the character of Kelly Foster, who is the head zookeeper and Benjamin Mee’s love interest.

The movie also starred Thomas Haden Church and Elle Fanning in supporting roles and was made with a budget of $50 million. It went ahead to become a superhit with gross earnings of $120 million worldwide at the box office and a 4.7/5 overall rating, making it into the list of Matt Damon’s blockbusters.

As for his recent movie Oppenheimer, Damon plays the role of Lt Leslie Groves Jr, who is the director of the Manhattan Project, while Blunt portrays the character of Katherine ‘Kitty’ Oppenheimer, the wife of the male protagonist, J. Robert Oppenheimer (played by Cillian Murphy).

Oppenheimer is out in theatres now, and you can stream We Bought a Zoo on Disney+.

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“I’ll never want to do another picture like that again”: Tom Cruise Could Never Forget One Of The Biggest Regret In His Acting Career

Tom Cruise Could Never Forget One Of The Biggest Regret In His Acting Career

Tom Cruise, before showcasing his bravado with those breathtaking stunts as Pete Mitchell in Top Gun or as Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible films, was not very fond of a couple of projects he was, unfortunately, a part of.

Considering he did the film in the early days of his career, Cruise had no control over any production-related aspects. It was a year later when he started cruising at the speed of sound flying an F14 that he became more assertive of his choices.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

With a personality that suave, he was never fit for certain fantasy-based roles, and when he turned his life around with action flicks, he ended up changing the cinema experience forever.

After the film had been completed, he went on to do anything possible to forget the harrowing drama that he was subjected to.

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Tom Cruise Wants To Forget This $23M Ridley Scott Banger

Mythical projects by Ridley Scott have always shown his detail-driven directing style and his ability to brilliantly make use of majestic set pieces and natural settings.

After experimenting and finding success with exotic sci-fi projects like Sigourney Weaver led Alien (1979), and Harrison Ford’s Blade Runner (1982), Scott went on to create a mystical adventure for Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise as Jack O' The Green in Legend
Tom Cruise as Jack O’ The Green in Legend

With a bland script and screenplay, Legend (1985) opened to extremely negative reviews and the media had its fun.

“First of all, the press kind of took that and blew it out of proportion. It’s a movie-movie,” said Cruise in an interview with Rolling Stone.

He further added –

“I’ll never want to do another picture like that again.”

Tom Cruise has admitted on multiple occasions that he never even wants to remember the hard flop of his career and that his mistake has made him choose better projects.

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Negative Reviews Weren’t The Only Problem For Legend

Changes in release dates, production delays, multiple reshoots during post-production, and a massive fire that broke out on the set – take your pick!

In any project that Tom Cruise had been a part of ever since Legend, he has had some or major control over the film’s production and release.

Tom Cruise in Legend (1985)
Tom Cruise in Legend (1985)

Not to mention, he had to face the heat from the media asking all sorts of problematic questions. Although Cruise went through a distressing time during the film, he wasn’t quite upset about the experience.

When asked about his on-set experience, Cruise stated –

“It’s stunning and gorgeous and poetic and most of the time I would be looking at a piece of black tape and having to imagine all of it.”

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The only relief, according to the critics, was the film being a Ridley Scott production as he can realize a fantasy-driven set piece like no other. But, with an absurdly thin storyline, even Tom Cruise couldn’t save it from the impending disaster.

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