Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid shows off summer-ready beachy waves that are perfect for our hot girl summer

While away on holiday, Gigi Hadid posed for the camera with the ultimate hot girl summer hair. Tousled blonde waves and the ultimate salty textured were the perfect partners to her make-up free golden glow.

Gigi Hadid posted a number of snaps on Instagram this Saturday, sitting on a sun lounger on a striped towel, looking make-up free and positively luminous. There are a number of internet memes out there comparing how we think we look when emerging from the sea (mermaid-esque, hair effortlessly tousled, golden tan on point), and the reality (bedraggled, smudged mascara – you get the picture), but supermodel Gigi Hadid is one of those people who actually embodies the fantasy version.

Gigi Hadid sports this summer’s ideal hairstyle

Gigi Hadid laid on a beach towel in a bikini showing a dragon tattoo reaching a hand out to the camera

The perfect marriage of beachy waves, volume, sun-kissed colour and a soft, salty texture, Hadid’s effortless beach hair was a look many of us spend hours trying to achieve. Casually flipped to the side – a good trick to try to add volume – some grown-in roots created a lived-in feel and framed her face. Anyone wanting to recreate the look at home should look no further than Hershesons’ new Air Dry Spray. Designed to create tousled waves without any crunch, simply spritz into ends (dry or damp) and scrunch for a Gigi-esque finish.


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Hadid’s hair wasn’t the only element of her post that got fans commenting. She also debuted a large tattoo – a dragon – at the top of her leg. It’s unclear when she got the tattoo, but it seemed to divide opinion. One user proclaimed: “All of a sudden… dragons are my favourite animal?”, while others questioned whether it was real or temporary. The smile on Gigi’s face suggests she’s a fan, for summer and beyond.

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