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Megan Fox’s Latest Mermaid Photos Remix Ariel’s Iconic Shipwreck Dress

If you thought that we were done getting photos from Megan Fox and her pal (and frequent collaborator) Cibelle Levi, you’d be wrong. In a new post, Levi shared another set of snapshots with Fox posing in the surf. And while it may not be intentional, the combination of white dress and sea spray are recalling one of the most memorable scenes from Disney’s 1989 animated Little Mermaid — and Levi’s caption doesn’t hurt, either.

Megan Fox

“Salt water mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️,” Levi wrote alongside the three photos, which show Fox on the beach. If it looks familiar, the vibes are very much Ariel right after she got her legs from Ursula, you know, when her friend Scuttle fashions a gown for her from the flotsam and jetsam around them on the beach?

Little Mermaid 1989

Fox’s dress is slightly less DIY and much sweeter, with an empire waist, short hem, and dainty seam details across the bodice.

Past collaborations between Levi and Fox included a super-sexy nipple-freeing fairy shoot and other beach sessions. While the vibes of each shoot have been very different, the common denominator is Fox’s penchant for sheer and see-through fashion (which we’ve all known for forever now). While neither Levi nor Fox have shared why they’ve teamed up so often, we love the fact that Fox is having fun with the shoots.

Of course, Fox’s fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly (born Colson Baker) is giving his stamp of approval on the images, too, adding comments like, “If this is what a wild animal looks like, i’d let it maul me,” to Fox’s posts.

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