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Megan Fox: Dress will be transparent! At the beach she almost bares too much

Megan Fox loves the beach. There the US actress showed herself freely again. Because suddenly her dress became transparent in one place. Not only did her fans see skin, the 37-year-old also surprised with an offer.

Megan Fox loves to show off her body. With Instagram, the US actress has found the ideal platform to pose very revealingly there. Currently she has discovered the water as a backdrop for herself. After she recently got wet and almost completely exposed herselfshe lets a part of the body flash again in the current photos.

Megan Fox with Po-Blitzer on the beach: the actress almost reveals too much again

Megan Fox chose a beach as the next photo location. In an airy white strap dress, she knelt barefoot in the sand. The pictures were probably taken one evening because the sand is in the dark. Only Megan Fox shines in her white dress. There she tried out some poses while being lapped by the waves. She’s half lying in the sand with her dress soaked, but she stays professional. Apparently that’s the intention. In the last shots, the fabric on the skirt becomes transparent. But she doesn’t hide her shimmering bottom, she lets it be photographed.

Megan Fox surprises with offer on Instagram

She apparently published the photos as advertising for a new campaign. She offers “surf lessons,” as she writes in the caption. But she forgot the link. At least one fan discovered that and shared it with all interested followers of the XY-year-olds in the comment column.

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Megan Fox doesn’t delight every fan with half-naked beach photos

Does Megan Fox really want to work as a surf instructor? Time will tell. Some fans are already wondering about the offer about her acting career. “You’re having a really hard time finding work, aren’t you?” says one follower. But most fans have nothing to complain about – on the contrary! Many of Megan Fox’s followers are really enthusiastic. “Looks phenomenal darling,” says one Instagram user. “Megan in her dark, feminine model era and we’re in it, sis,” praises another fan. Hopefully there will be more beach photos of Megan Fox. Your fans would be happy.

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