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Megan Fox, (very harsh) response to a politician who accuses her of forcing her children to wear women’s clothes | Vanity Fair Italy

In recent years Megan Fox The focus was primarily on relations with Machine gun “Kelly”seasoned with proof of love based on pendants containing blood, parting and anticipated adverse effects. However, this time the actress was the focus of gossip due to three children ex-husband had Brian Austin Green (to whom she was married for ten years): Journey River, 5, Bodhi Ransom, 7, and Noah Shannon, 9.. Megan has always been on the side in the past eldest son Noah, who “from the age of two she also likes to wear skirts.” But now the mere sight of her three little boys has unleashed social anthems of former Republican congressional candidate Robbie Starbuck. The politician wrote that he saw the Fox children on a park: “AND two of them had a nervous breakdown because their mother made them wear women’s clothes. I saw the nanny console them. It is called abuse. Pray for them.”

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The first person to respond to Starbuck was Brian Austin Green, the children’s father: “It’s about completely false story. This person, for purely selfish reasons, wants to negatively affect the relationship between parents and children. tmz. This was immediately followed by a very blunt Instagram post from Megan Fox herself: “Hi Robbie Starbuck. I really don’t want to pay attention to you because you obviously want powerbut let me teach you something… No matter how desperate you are for wealth, power, success, or fame, never use children as social leverage. Using my child’s gender identity to draw attention to your political campaign has put you on the wrong side of the universe.. I was burned at the stake by narcissistic, insecure, powerless people, little people like you many times. And yet I’m still here. You messed with the wrong witch“.

On the other hand, Megan has always been very clear about this: “My sons are free to dress as they want,” she said back in 2017. Then, in 2021, she revealed that Noah Shannon because of his passion for women’s clothing those. pink clothes, “Became the target of hooligans”. Fox has always supported the choice of her children, whom she raised from an early age. talk to them about gender and identity. And Noah, she said last year, is usually given fairy tales written by transgender children. Because he wants to teach him you can wear whatever clothes you want and that “it has nothing to do with anyone’s sexuality.”“.

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