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“Mother’s Instinct”: Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway are disrupting the internet

Fans this Tuesday afternoon Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain They were surprised to see the trailer of the long-awaited film by the director Benoit Delhomme. «Mother’s Instinct” remake of the 2018 French film of the same name directed by Olivier Masset-Depasse.

«Mother’s instinct» was produced by both actresses and Jessica Chastain’s production company, Freckle Films. In May, it was acquired by the recognized distributor Neon.

There was no official release date for the trailer, so the news surprised moviegoers online. Leaving them speechless to see the plot at location by the heroes causing a great stir. The uproar was so great that it even surprised the film headquarters itself. Since the release of the teaser confirming that it is total filtration. After a few moments, the video was downloaded from the Internet, remaining in the memory of some lucky ones.


Set in the 1960s, the film tells the story of two friends and neighbors, Alice (Chastain) and Celine (Hathaway), who live a traditional lifestyle with successful husbands and children they adore. Their perfect lives are shaken after a terrible tragedy brings guilt, paranoia and suspicion into a psychological thriller that will surprise viewers.

Anne and I had a great time on this movie. Is it a throwback… I like to think it has a bit of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” to it?» Jessica Chastain commented a few months ago about “Mother’s Instinct” for independent wire. “Of course, it’s a different movie, but the idea of ​​these two actresses together and playing that… suspense, I think it’s very interesting. Thank God Anne and I love each other so this is a little different from that experience.“.

“Mother’s Instinct” There is no release date yet, but we have no doubt that it will be some upcoming festival.

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