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Everyone Thought It’d Bomb: $200M Pixar Movie Beats Keanu Reeves’ John Wick 4 By a Huge Margin, Makes Box Office Comeback With Vengeance

In the ceaseless arena of cinematic clashes, where every frame fights for supremacy, a drooling turn of events has taken center stage. Emerging from the shadows, Pixar’s “adorably cute” creation has managed to steal the limelight, leaving Keanu Reeves’ masterpiece trailing behind in disbelief.

Who could have predicted that the power of pure charm would outshine even the most illusory performance by Keanu Reeves himself? Definitely, It’s a narrative curveball that injects a playful twist into the ongoing duel of motion pictures.

Elemental: Crafting Love from Fire, Water, Earth, and Air


A wonderful movie surprise called Elemental from Pixar came unexpectedly, and it turned out to be a true masterpiece. It surpassed everyone’s expectations, even the most eagerly awaited action-packed movies.

Elemental isn’t your typical love story. It dares to dance on the edge of imagination, crafting a modern tale of affection and connection that unfolds against the backdrop of a bustling city. Yet, what truly sets this movie apart is its audacious choice to personify the elements themselves. Fire, water, earth, and air become more than just mere forces of nature; they become characters, each with their own distinct personality and narrative arc.


The curtain-raiser for Elemental, though, unfolded as a rather modest affair. With a humble collection of $29.5 million in its domestic debut and $44.5 million on the global stage, the initial figures seemed to cast a shadow of uncertainty over its prospects for triumph. Yet, as the adage reminds us, the tale of triumph hinges not on the initial act but on the grand finale. And Elemental was poised to exemplify just that.

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Elemental’s Win Brings a Wild Twist to the Box Office Tale!

Pixar's attempt at showing love in diversity in Elemental
Pixar’s attempt at showing love in diversity in Elemental

The movie began an impressive journey of revival at the box office, gradually gaining momentum and defying expectations. It earned its place among the top contenders, as audiences grew more excited each week and the box office numbers soared.

The buzz surrounding Elemental keeps intensifying, and the eagerness for its digital release reaches an exhilarating climax. Enthralled by the mesmerizing depiction of the elements and the contemporary love story it unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to experience this cinematic masterpiece once again within the cozy confines of their homes. On social media platforms, conversations are abuzz with discussions. Let’s take a leisurely stroll through Twitter:






In a breathtaking twist of fate, Elemental accomplished what many considered implausible. It not only crossed the coveted $450 million milestone at the worldwide box office but also left John Wick 4 trailing in its wake, having amassed a remarkable total of $426 million.

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As the movie continues to flourish, the world watches in admiration, raising a toast to the victory of imagination and innovation.

Pixar’s Elemental is in cinemas.

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