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Gal Gadot Reveals Her Fate in the UFC, Answers Who Would Win in a Fight Between Her and Chris Hemsworth

Gal Gadot,  renowned for her iconic portrayal of Wonder Woman, has returned to the spotlight with her latest spy action thriller, “Heart of Stone.” The movie has garnered mixed reviews, but it’s not the only thing sparking curiosity among fans. As Gadot embraces the role of an international intelligence agent on screen, fans are now contemplating whether her talents extend to challenging UFC fighters in the ring.

Gal Gadot on fighting Marvel superhero


Gadot’s dedication to the action thriller genre shines through in her latest movie. Despite missing out on a major film opportunity this year, Barbie, the 38-year-old actress, recently revealed her affinity for such roles.

She further expressed her desire to embody robust characters in spy-themed films. However, as her filmography expands, a new question has emerged regarding Gadot’s transition to the UFC octagon.

During a recent interview with GQ, Gadot was confronted with the question of her potential involvement in the UFC. While addressing fans’ questions, she displayed her wit and expressed her genuine appreciation for the world of combat sports. She answered a few fans’ questions on Quora, one of which read, “Who wins a fight, Gal Gadot or Chris Hemsworth?”

The query sparked curiosity, prompting Gadot’s response that transcended the ordinary. She playfully answered, “Chris and I are not gonna fight each other. We’re gonna fight together against evil,” portraying the unity that heroes symbolize.

Gal Gadot’s transition to the UFC

Gal Gadot’s action-packed performance in her recent film “Heart of Stone” has sparked speculation among fans. Now fans are curious if Gadot, with her background in the military and real training in martial arts for certain movie roles, might want to enter the realm of combat sports completely.

A fan posed a query about her potential presence in the UFC octagon. Gadot’s response resonated with profound respect for the experts in the field of mixed martial arts. With a touch of humor, she playfully remarked, “Let’s allow the professionals to do their thing. I’ll be in the front row, cheering them on.”

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