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“Was hoping you’d wife me”: Transformers Star Megan Fox Destroyed a Troll With Epic Clap Back Years Before Lizzo’s Body-shaming Allegations Backlash

Being a celebrity is a double-edged sword. On one side, there is unprecedented fame and adulation while on the other, there is the constant scrutiny and judgment on personal lives and appearances. Hollywood star Megan Fox is no stranger to the extreme effects of superstardom. Blessed with a beautiful face and a sizzling physicality to match, Fox has endured her share of positive and negative comments.

Megan Fox
Hollywood star Megan Fox

Like many stars including Lizzo and Alicia Silverstone who have been very vocal about trolls regarding body shaming comments, Megan Fox has spoken out strongly against these kinds of criticisms. The Transformers star once brutally shut down a troll who took a dig at her appearance in a picture.

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Megan Fox’s Epic Reply To A Troll

Body shaming seems to be a disturbing trend in today’s times and famous celebrities who are in the limelight are the worst affected by it. One of Hollywood’s most desirable stars Megan Fox was also a victim of scrutiny but put her troll in place with a brutal reply. In a particularly scathing comment on the Transformers actor’s picture, a netizen questioned the appearance of body hair on Fox which was reportedly seen through her outfit.

“All that money and she can’t buy a razor. She’s now off my list,’”

Megan Fox
Transformers star Megan Fox

Following this sexist and judgmental opinion, The Jennifer’s Body star hit back and spoke for women everywhere when she shut down her troll in the best possible way with her answer.

Are you mistakenly referring to my tattoo? Either way, I’m devastated to be off your list. Was hoping you’d wife me.”

Megan Fox’s epic reply was appreciated and lauded by the online community as well as her peers who praised her for standing up for herself and for all women who have been subjected to gender based discrimination.

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Megan Fox’s Battle With Body Dysmorphia

With looks and a body that is the envy of many, it is hard to imagine that Megan Fox is anything but supremely confident. But the star shocked fans and viewers with her candid confession about suffering from body dysmorphia, a condition characterized by a relentless obsession with perceived flaws in one’s appearance which can have a profound impact on self-esteem and mental well-being. Fox spoke about what it meant to go through these acute insecurities and urged people to understand that being beautiful isn’t as rosy as it was seen to be.

“I don’t ever see myself the way other people see me. There’s never a point in my life where I loved my body, never ever.”

Megan Fox
Megan Fox spoke of her struggles with body dysmorphia

Fox revealed feeling an intense pressure to conform to societal beauty standards, leading to excessive self-criticism and an obsession with imperfections that she thought she possessed and had to get rid of. The star hoped that her experiences made people realize that she was also human and that this condition could affect anyone irrespective of who they are and what they do.

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