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Megan Fox almost naked on Instagram: new sexy photos

Like the rising Taurus in Capricorn, Megan Fox he is a true earthly astrological sign. So the actress decided to show herself in all her glory in nature in a new series of hot photos on Instagram.with a message dated Wednesday 19 July.

“Fourth house in Taurus,” she wrote in a commentary on photos in which we see her posing in a lake in a defiant dress. The dress, all wet, lets you see what’s underneath in abundance..

Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox’s boyfriend, has not yet commented on the new photos. However, he was excited by another similar post she made earlier this week. In these photos, we found her posing on all fours on a thick tree branch wearing a tight leaf bikini. “The forest is my oldest friend,” she wrote in the post.

Machine Gun Kelly commented: “If it was a wild animal, I would let it confuse me.“.

The couple, who got engaged in early 2022, raised doubts about their relationship when Megan Fox sparked controversy by posting a cryptic text link Lemonade from Beyoncé. It was hinted in the post that she was cheated on, but then she deleted her Instagram profile altogether.

Some then suggested that Machine Gun Kelly was cheating on her with his guitarist Sophie Lloyd. But Megan Fox later clarified that “there was no interference from third parties in this relationship.”

New hot photos of Megan Fox

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