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Watch a Young Keanu Reeves Go to a Teddy Bear Convention. You’re Welcome.

Before Keanu Reeves became Ted “Theodore” Logan, much less the dog-loving assassin John Wick, he was a reporter for the CBC, where he brought his fellow Canadians much-needed information related to National Teddy Bear Day.

The 1984 video, which you can take a gander at above if you want something to warm your heart this fine August day, features a young Reeves well before his Constantine days mingling with the eager attendees of the first Canadian International Teddy Bear Convention. In the one-minute clip, he asks hard-hitting questions, such as, “Why are all the bears’ first name Teddy?” and “What do your friends think about you collecting bears?”

We sadly don’t get to hear people’s answers to Reeves’ interrogations, but we do see the future Speed star giving one sunglasses-wearing teddy a kiss on the ear, just before he pretends to get mauled by another fluffy ursine stuffy. We also get to hear The Matrix lead say to a teddy, “We gotta go down to the bears-only café and talk bears-ness. Listen, you know that bears-necessity contest? We got problems…”

I also have problems, but watching this video of a young Keanu Reeves talking to stuffed bears isn’t one of them. Give it a watch if you want to do something nice for yourself today.

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