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Netflix’s new spy thriller ‘Agent Stone’ starring Gal Gadot is packed with action and twists, including in its conclusion.

Since its launch on Netflix on August 11, the thriller Agent Stone has risen to the top of Netflix’s top films in France. And if this success is confirmed internationally, that bodes well for a sequel. Especially since the film clearly leaves the door open for a return of Gal Gadot in the role of Rachel Stone.

The spy thriller begins very early in its plot playing with twists when Rachel Stone is forced to blow her cover to save her MI6 colleagues during an unexpected attack in Lisbon. She was working undercover at MI6 for a powerful secret organization known as The Charter, but that’s not Rachel’s biggest problem.

His colleague Parker (Jamie Dornan) is also undercover. He is not who he appears to be and Rachel has the sad experience of it when she sees him killing the rest of the team before her eyes. He is revealed to be an agent who has turned against his country and has made it his mission to destroy The Charter and steal its most powerful asset: The Heart, an ultra-powerful artificial intelligence.

Of course, Rachel isn’t going to make the treacherous Parker’s job any easier, but if you got lost in Agent Stone’s many twists and turns, let’s go back to the film’s ending to explain it all.

Agent Stone’s Ending Explained

As we learn fairly quickly, Parker is working with Keya Dhawan (Alia Bhatt), a genius young hacker who wants to expose abuses of power and silenced crimes around the world.

However, once her partner starts killing people in cold blood, Keya begins to have second thoughts. But it will still take him a little time to really change sides.

After successfully stealing The Heart from its secret, ultra-secure location, and although Rachel Stone follows them every step of the way, Parker and Keya head to a lab in Iceland with servers powerful enough to plug The Heart into and begin use it as soon as possible.

Parker’s first targets are the bosses of The Charter, who call themselves The Kings. (And each agent in the organization is named after playing cards, Rachel Stone being the Nine of Hearts.) The former MI6 agent goes wild whenever The Heart comes online. He immediately assassinates the former CIA boss Nancy Morrison, the Queen of Diamonds, played by Glenn Close. Then it’s the turn of former Chinese state security chief Jiang Hsu, the King of Clubs, played by BD Wong.

As for Rachel’s team, led by the Queen of Hearts (played by Sophie Okonedo) and aided by the Knave of Hearts (Matthias Schweighöfer) who is also the AI ​​operator, they find themselves trapped in a secure bunker outside of London, with only an hour’s oxygen.

Luckily for them, Keya changes her mind after witnessing all these cold-blooded killings ordered by Parker. She then decides to deactivate The Heart and gives Rachel her location so that she stops Parker. It’s a new face-to-face for the two former colleagues.

They clash while arguing. “The Heart has the power to change everything but The Charter uses it to keep things exactly as they are.” he throws. “You don’t want to change anything. You just want to be the one in charge.” Rachel retorts. Then she puts him in front of his own contradictions, and underlines the fact that he brutalizes his own teams by pointing to Keya.

This is where the two women join forces to put an end to Parker once and for all. Once eliminated, it is the time limit to save the team of The Charter which was about to run out of oxygen for good. Mission accomplished !

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How the ending leaves the door open for a sequel

Four weeks after the global threat has been neutralized, Rachel visits Keya in prison and tells her she’s working for The Charter again. But on two conditions. First, that human instincts always come before machine predictions.

Secondly, she no longer has a team and wants to surround herself with people “that will change the world for good“. She gives a card to Keya, who turns out to be a Joker, and therefore offers her a place in her new team. Keya accepts on the spot.

The film then takes another leap in time. We see Rachel on a mission in the field. We don’t know anything about this new case, but it seems that Keya, the Page of Hearts and Rachel are all three an operational and official team within The Charter.

So life goes on. And global threats will surely continue to appear on the horizon as well, but it looks like this team has everything under control. Will they be the main characters of a potential sequel? We will have to wait to find out for sure, even if we know that Netflix thought of the film as a franchise from the start.

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