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Ghost Rider Fan Trailer Delivers The MCU’s Perfect Keanu Reeves Casting

Keanu Reeves became Ghost Rider for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a new fan trailer, showcasing why he should be cast as the Spirit of Vengeance.


  •  Keanu Reeves has expressed interest in playing Ghost Rider in the MCU, but no official comment or tease has been made about a potential movie featuring the character.
  •  A Ghost Rider fan trailer recently debuted, showcasing what a solo adventure focused on the Spirit of Vengeance could be like in the MCU.
  •  The introduction of supernatural characters in the MCU has laid the foundation for a potential Midnight Sons project, making it a perfect time to bring Ghost Rider into the action.

A new Ghost Rider fan trailer shows what Keanu Reeves would be like as the iconic Marvel superhero. Despite his popularity, Johnny Blaze, AKA Ghost Rider, has yet to debut in the MCU as he was last seen on the big screen played by Nicolas Cage in the mid-2000s movies before the rights went back to Marvel Studios. Despite having the rights back, no comment or tease has been made about a potential Ghost Rider movie made by Marvel Studios.

Despite occasional rumors tying the actor to a role, Reeves has yet to actually take a Marvel Cinematic Universe role. Reeves has even expressed interest in playing Ghost Rider, but thus far, nothing has come out of the actor’s and fans’ wish to see it happen.

Stryder HD recently debuted a Ghost Rider fan trailer, to serve as a proof of concept for what a solo adventure focused on the Spirit of Vengeance in the MCU could be like from Marvel Studios. The footage retreads on Agents of SHIELD’s Robbie Reyes, played by Gabriel Luna, while pitching Reeves as Johnny Blaze, with his story being told through his successor.

Why Hasn’t The MCU Cast Its Own Ghost Rider Yet?

Marvel's Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes with Burning Sickles Ready for Use Against Enemies

Despite having introduced several new heroes and villains in the MCU throughout Phases 4 and 5, Ghost Rider hasn’t yet been teased or appeared. However, the MCU has begun laying the foundation for a potential Midnight Sons project with the introduction of supernatural characters like Werewolf by Night and the upcoming Blade reboot. This would be the perfect time to finally get Ghost Rider in action, whether it be continuing with Robbie or using Johnny.

Agents of SHIELD did the groundwork for not just Robbie but also Johnny, as he made a brief cameo in season 4. It was revealed during Robbie’s origin story that Johnny was the one who passed on the power of the Spirit of Vengeance to him. In one way or another, Johnny is somewhere out there in the MCU without being used and could have been fleshed out at this point, while also reigniting Agents of SHIELD’s Ghost Rider mythology in the franchise. It would even be incredible if the MCU found a way to feature Johnny and Robbie together as Ghost Riders at the same time.

Ghost Rider TV show almost happened at Hulu, but the project ultimately never came to light due to creative differences. Given that the MCU is using Marvel TV characters again, with Daredevil set to headline his own Disney+ show, there is no reason why Marvel Studios couldn’t consider doing the same for Ghost Rider. Hopefully, whether it be soon or in the MCU’s more distant future, Ghost Rider will eventually have a regular place in the MCU in one way or another.

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