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In heaven, Iris Mittenaere is complimented… by Anne Hathaway!

Class: in heaven, Iris Mittenaere is complimented… by Anne Hathaway! – Bestimage

This is what we call class: during an evening immortalized under the flashes of photographers, the former Miss France Iris Mittenaere received the compliments… From Anne Hathaway. And came out totally euphoric.

When THE person who introduced you to fashion at 13 compliments your look!!“. Iris Mittenaere left the Shiseido evening in New York totally euphoric – an event inaugurated for the launch of the “Vital Perfection” collection. Why? Simple: she had a magical encounter.

The former Miss France actually crossed paths with Anne Hathaway, the most famous princess IRL and actress whose talent no longer needs to be proven. The star of Devil wears Prada even complimented the Frenchwoman. In the video relayed by the latter, under the abundant flashes of photographers, we actually see Anne Hathaway exclaiming to him: “You are fabulous!“. To be described as “fabulous” by the queen: class!

Anne Hathaway is the most beautiful and fun queen. We know, I dreamed of being her, she even made me cut my bangs and everything… didn’t you?“, laughs Iris Mittenaere in return.

A widely commented meeting…

“A fan!”, “Impressed”, “Full of excitement”

The pride felt by Iris Mittenaere can be felt in the video shared by the latter. It must be said that when Anne Hathaway, new face of Shiseido, compliments your look, it’s no small thing. The three million fans of the media personality did not hesitate to applaud our compatriot in return…

It’s weird seeing you in…

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