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Margot Robbie’s Original Barbie Casting Idea Is Still Possible For The Sequel

Margot Robbie's casting idea for Greta Gerwig's Barbie could not be executed due to several reasons, but it can still possibly happen in Barbie 2.


  •  Margot Robbie had an interesting casting idea for Barbie 2, which may be possible given the success of the toy franchise.
  •  Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie had potential ideas and creative casting choices for the first Barbie movie, but not all made it into the final cut.
  •  Gal Gadot was initially considered for the titular role in Barbie, but Margot Robbie’s performance was incredible. However, if Barbie 2 happens, Gadot could potentially carry the franchise forward.


Margot Robbie had an interesting casting idea for the first Barbie movie, which can finally be executed in Barbie 2. Although Barbie has a well-rounded story that does not leave much room for future developments, Barbie 2 may still be a possibility, given the scope and scale of the toy franchise. No official updates and confirmations surrounding a sequel movie have been made yet, but considering the worldwide, box office-shattering success of Great Gerwig’s Barbie, the prospect of a potential Barbie 2 already seems exciting.

Speaking of prospects, Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie had several potential ideas for the first Barbie movie during its development. Not only did they come up with intriguing story elements but also had a few creative casting choices in mind. Not all of these potential ideas ultimately made it into the movie’s final cut, which is a good thing because Barbie‘s box office success can be attributed to the combination of elements that did make it into the film. However, if Barbie 2 does ever see the light of day, one of the initial casting choices for the first Barbie should make it to the sequel.

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Gal Gadot’s Barbie Casting Can Still Happen In Barbie 2

Gal Gadot in Death on the Nile and Margot Robbie in Barbie

According to reports (via Vogue), when Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig were first casting for the Barbie movie, they initially had their eye set on Gal Gadot for the titular role. Unfortunately, their casting idea fell through because Gal Gadot was unavailable at the time. With what followed, Margot Robbie decided to wear Barbie‘s shoes in the hit movie, which undoubtedly worked wonders. Following Barbie‘s success, it is hard to imagine anyone else as the character because Margot Robbie gave an incredible performance that is rightfully earning Oscar nods. However, Barbie‘s fate towards the end of the movie raises an interesting question: Can Margot Robbie reprise the same role in Barbie 2?

In the Barbie movie’s ending moments, Barbie bids farewell to all the Barbies and Kens of Barbieland and decides to become human for good. As a result, she changes her name to Barbara Handler and sets out on a new adventure in the real world. All ends well for Barbie, but considering how she turns human in the film’s final arc, it would make sense for the Barbie sequel to feature another actress as the titular character. Since Gal Gadot was anyway being considered for the role before Margot Robbie took it, she could carry the toy franchise’s live-action mantle forward if Barbie 2 happens in the future.

Why Gal Gadot Would Be A Great Barbie Casting Choice

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman in The Flash

Explaining why Gal Gadot would have been the perfect choice for Barbie, Margot Robbie said that she has “Barbie energy.” The actress added that not only is she “impossibly beautiful” but also “genuinely sincere” and “enthusiastically kind,” making her the embodiment of Barbie’s qualities in both appearance and character. Considering how Gal Gadot has also had a lot of experience portraying strong female leads like Wonder Woman on the big screen, she could potentially rejuvenate the live-action franchise by bringing a fresh and empowering perspective to Barbie. Hopefully, if Barbie 2 happens, she will be considered for the role.

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