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It’s Hunger Games payday: this is what Jennifer Lawrence and co-stars earned

This is probably one of the most juicy projects our fave actors have worked on

Ever wondered about the numbers of Jennifer Lawrence’s paychecks for slaying in “The Hunger Games”? If so, here’s some flipping hot tea for you!

After the first Hunger Games movie hit the big screen, most of its cast pretty much shot straight to stardom, thanks to their epic roles. But we gotta be honest, it wasn’t just fame; those checks were thicc! Here’s the breakdown of what our faves bagged:

Jennifer Lawrence? well, between 2012 and 2015, our girl stacked up a cool $50.5 million. Hollywood Reporter spilled the beans, saying she got five hundred thousand dollars for the first flick, and then a whopping $20 million for the sequel, according to Parade. Now that’s an epic glow-up!

Wondering about Josh Hutcherson, our dear Peeta? he took home five hundred thousand for the first film and a sweet $5 million dollars for the fourth one. Of course, we got Donald Sutherland (aka the sinister President Snow) who got between $1-2 million for the first flick and then an estimated $5 million for the last movie.

Miley Cyrus’ ex, the inspiration behind Wrecking Ball, Liam Hemsworth scored $500k for the debut movie and then $5 million more for the final film, that’s according to the tea spilled by Forbes and Men’s Health. Last, but certainly not least, Woody Harrelson (our fave mentor, Haymitch) got himself $5 million for the first one and then a whopping $10-15 million for the final film, Men’s Health said.

But this is not time to get shook, The Hunger Games franchise have grossed a aw-dropping $3 billion worldwide, so it is no surprise y’all.

Get that bread, tributes!

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