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Will Angelina Jolie Return for Maleficent 3?

The Enchanting Possibilities of “Maleficent 3”

With the mystical wings of the dark fae enveloping the cinematic universe, whispers of a possible continuation in Disney’s Maleficent saga have enchanted fans and theorists alike. Amidst the rich tapestry of epic tales and ethereal landscapes, does a new chapter lie in wait for Angelina Jolie’s iconic character?

A Glimpse into Maleficent’s Ever-Unfolding Tale

“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil”, released in 2019, unraveled threads of enthralling narratives where the complexity of relationships and the dichotomy of power were brilliantly brought to life. The sequel had firmly entrenched itself into a lore where creatures of magic and humans entwined in a volatile dance of trust and treachery.

Exploring the Magic: Will Angelina Jolie Return for a Captivating Maleficent 3 Adventure?

The film showcased the unfolding drama five years after King Stefan’s demise, exposing Aurora’s (portrayed by Elle Fanning) reign as Queen of the Moors and her tumultuous relationship with the impending in-laws, particularly with Phillip’s mother, Queen Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer). The sequel, brilliantly layered with palpable tension, evolving characters, and mystical elements, expertly interwove Maleficent’s conflict and ultimate triumph over the antagonistic Queen Ingrith while embracing the union between Aurora and Prince Phillip.

Though not eclipsing the resounding financial success of its predecessor, “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” conjured a substantial global earning of around $492 million. While it paled in comparison to the inaugural “Maleficent” movie, which garnered a staggering $760 million globally, the substantial revenue coupled with the open-ended narrative could perhaps embolden Disney to weave the final installment, making it a bewitching trilogy.

“Even if Disney were to confirm a Maleficent 3 immediately, it would likely be several years before the film ever hit theaters. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil was officially announced by Disney in 2015, and the film wasn’t released until 2019. This means the earliest likely release date for Maleficent 3 would be 2026 or 2027.”

Exploring the Magic: Will Angelina Jolie Return for a Captivating Maleficent 3 Adventure?

Scripting the Future and Hopes for the Next Enchanting Tale

Linda Woolverton’s narrative brilliance could again illuminate the path for the screenplay, potentially also inviting co-writers like Noah Harpster and Micah Fitzerman-Blue to add their magical touches. While the “Maleficent” series has undeniably entranced audiences with its dazzling visuals and aesthetic allure, critiques of the script’s substance have also permeated reviews. Hence, striking a balance between the enthralling visual spectacle and a compelling narrative may well be the secret ingredient for a successful third installment.

Anticipating the Tale to Unfold in “Maleficent 3”

Exploring the Magic: Will Angelina Jolie Return for a Captivating Maleficent 3 Adventure?

“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” brilliantly concocted a dramatic crescendo with a climactic showdown, a near-death experience, merciful moments, and intriguing transformations.

“Maleficent nearly kills Queen Ingrith but ultimately spares her life after listening to Aurora’s pleas for mercy. Unsurprisingly, Queen Ingrith takes advantage of the moment and fires an arrow at Maleficent, but the plan backfires as the Dark Fae leader transforms into the mythical Phoenix.”

Even with a seemingly conclusive ending for Queen Ingrith, her possible return could not be entirely ruled out, considering Pfeiffer’s captivating portrayal and significant impact on the franchise’s appeal.

Cast Reunions and Character Recalls in the Possible Sequel

A theoretical “Maleficent 3” without the enchanting presences of Jolie and Fanning is nearly unimaginable. These pivotal characters, along with the heartwarming Diaval and Prince Phillip, would undeniably be critical to preserving the soul and continuity of the next chapter.

Despite satisfying endings and potential character closures in “Mistress of Evil”, ambiguity lingers around several characters, offering intriguing potential for their return in a possible sequel. The transformation of Queen Ingrith into a goat, for instance, while seemingly final, could be reversed, bringing back the character’s cunning charm to the narrative.

Exploring the Magic: Will Angelina Jolie Return for a Captivating Maleficent 3 Adventure?

In the enthralling world where dark faes, mythical creatures, and humans converge, “Maleficent 3”, should it materialize, promises a cascade of adventures, dramatic narratives, and visual spectacles that could potentially mesmerize audiences once more, letting them plunge into the mystical realms that have captivated hearts across the globe.

The hopes for “Maleficent 3” continue to flutter in the enchanted winds, with fans and critics alike holding onto the possibility of another mystical journey through lush landscapes and emotional spectra. Only time will unveil if the dark fae will grace the silver screen once again, weaving spells of awe, wonder, and introspective tales.

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