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Is Megan Fox Pregnant? Her Pregnancy Saga Unfolds!

Megan Fox frequently finds herself in the spotlight as a well-known Hollywood actress recognized for her parts in movies like “Transformers” and “Jennifer’s Body.” Her personal life, particularly her family and relationships, is one subject that usually piques attention. In tabloids and on social media, Megan Fox’s pregnancy status is a frequent topic of discussion.

As Megan Fox’s pregnancy status can change over time, it is advised to check recent news sources, her social media profiles, or announcements from her official representatives to acquire the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Is Megan Fox Pregnant?

Fox has not publicly addressed the fact that she is pregnant or the potential that her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, is the father of her unborn child; nonetheless, a person familiar with the circumstances has told PEOPLE that “of course, Brian is the dad!”

She turned just enough so that her baby belly was clearly visible as she posed for pictures with her TMNT co-star Will Arnett. The celebrity was grinning broadly as she flaunted her growing tummy and discussed the newest film. But Fox noted that it’s difficult to film when expecting.

“I’m always in the process of having a baby and looking like I didn’t have a baby,” she told PEOPLE at the event. “I was training. There was no access to healthy food on the set so I ended up losing weight because I was hungry all the time.”


Rice cakes with almond butter and jam were Fox’s go-to snack on set, she said.“That’s the healthiest thing you’ll find,” she said.

Noah Shannon, 2, and Bodhi Ransom, 2, are the actors’ sons. The pair, who are reportedly “very excited” and “continuing to work on their marriage and are living together again,” were taken by surprise by the pregnancy. Fox claimed that her children don’t know anything about their mother’s career in Hollywood. She claimed, “They don’t watch television.”

“I let them watch some movies, but not my movies,” you say. They’re too old,” Fox reportedly told PEOPLE. My children are 3 and 2, so they are not old enough to understand all that.

How Many Kids Does Megan Fox Have?

Noah Shannon Green, 10, Bodhi Ransom Green, 9, and Journey River Green, 6, are the three kids Megan Fox has with the 49-year-old Green. She seldom often uploads images of her kids, but in October 2019, she did tweet a few precious shots from their Halloween-themed trip to Disneyland. She wrote in the caption, “Can I get ONE family photo where everyone is looking at the camera and making a semi-normal face?”

Fox stated about her boys on The Kelly Clarkson Show in May 2021, “They love each other. They’re best friends, but the fighting is non-stop because they have so much energy and they’re so rambunctious that it’s just a melee. My kids will pull out fists full of hair and be like, ‘I got your hair, Noah!’”

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