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Irina Shayk ‘annoyed’ at Gigi Hadid for dating Bradley Cooper?

Irina Shayk reportedly introduced her former lover Bradley Cooper to his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid; however, some reports claim she is “annoyed” at the supermodel.

According to an insider, the ladies, both successful models, have been friends for quite some time now and connect with each other through a lot of shared experiences.

However, there is not any jealousy between the ladies as Irina was the one who played cupid in Gigi and Bradley’s relationship.

Speaking with Life & Style, an insider said, “Irina seems fine with Gigi dating Bradley, but it’d be understandable if she was annoyed.”

“There’s absolutely no girl code at work here at all,” the source said, confirming that Irina introduced Gigi to the Maestro star.

“They’re both models and single moms — they have a lot of shared experiences,” the insider added. “Especially now, with Bradley in the mix!”

As for Gigi’s ex Leonardo DiCaprio, the source said he and Bradley are “still friends,” adding, “and there’s apparently no hard feelings between them.”

“Gigi had fun with Leo, but it’s no secret he’s not the committing type. Bradley’s the opposite — he’s not a player, he wants a long-term, committed relationship,” the source noted.

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