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Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper already in love? Their relationship takes shape

Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper “have a lot in common.”

The 28-year-old model and the 48-year-old actor were recently spotted together in New York, and despite being 20 years apart, the celebrity duo actually have a lot in common.

A source told Us Weekly: “They are both single parents to a little girl and share the same sense of humor.”

Gigi has three-year-old Khai with ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik, while Bradley has six-year-old Lea with ex-partner Irina Shayk.

The source revealed that the model has “no plans to introduce Khai to anyone she’s dating unless she’s in a fully committed relationship.”

Despite this, Gigi remains “open to the idea of ​​getting to know (Bradley) better.”

Gigi and the Hollywood star “went out a few times” after meeting through a mutual friend. But the insider added that it’s “much too early to know where things might go.”

Meanwhile, another source recently revealed that Gigi and Bradley are “having fun” together, telling PEOPLE: “They’re having fun. She’s independent, busy and her days are filled with responsibilities, so I don’t see anything going wrong. seriously happen right away.”

Gigi has reportedly had a “crush” on the movie star for some time.

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