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Angelina Jolie donates for Gaza, calls for ceasefire

Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie has joined growing calls demanding a ceasefire in Gaza as the death toll from Israeli bombing climbs past 8000, including 3000 children.

The ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ actress wrote that the situation in Gaza is catastrophic: “nowhere to go, no access to food or water, no possibility of evacuation, and not even the basic human right to cross a border to seek refuge.”

Angelina went on to reflect on her 20- years of experience working with refugees and stressed on how urgent it is to help those being displaced by violence.

“Gaza has a population of over 2 million people (half of them are children), who have lived under a severe blockade for over two decades, on top of decades of displacement and statelessness. The few aid trucks that are entering are a fraction of what is needed (and was delivered daily before the present conflict), and the bombings are causing desperate new humanitarian needs daily.”

The actress ended the note by revealing she had donated to Doctors Without Borders, and urged her followers to do the same.


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