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The change by Anne Hathaway: Antes y después

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway, born on November 12, 1982 in New York, United States, is a detached actress who has already established a lasting legacy in the cinema industry. Enter your route into the theater before jumping onto the large screen.

Anne Hathaway became a famous protagonist in Hollywood thanks to her acting in the film “El Diario de la Princesa” (2001), where she assumed the character of Mia Thermopolis. This paper shows the star and converts it into a figure asked by the public.

Along the way, I performed a wide variety of characters in films that featured distinct genres, romantic comedies and intense dramas.

One of the culminating moments of his career was his performance in “Los Miserables” (2012), which destroyed the character of Fantine. Its performance in the film won the first Oscar to the Best Actress of Reparto. Hathaway has demonstrated his versatility as acting in each person that he has embodied and has cosechado numbers of premios and recognition a long time of his years.

In addition to her existence in action, Anne Hathaway is recognized for her activism and humanitarian work. It has been invested in various beneficial causes and has used its influence to create awareness of important social issues. Its impact reflects the screen and converts it into a model to be used both in the world of maintenance and in humanitarian aid.

Look changes:

Hathaway has experimented with notable transformations in his painstaking work at the length of his tray. Its versatility as an action has reflected no solo in its characters in the cinema, but also its ability to adapt its personal image to different characters and tendencies.

First years

During our first years in the maintenance industry, Anne Hathaway found her long and wavy hair, a style that realzaba its natural and youthful beauty. This look was evident in her emblematic character of Mia Thermopolis in “El Diario de la Princesa”. The long and wavy hair is converted into its distinctive brand in this step.


Sin embargo, con el transcurso del tiempo, Hathaway optó por un cambio en su imagen. Decidió llevar el pelo algo más corto, una elección audaz que marcó a transición en su carrera. Its hair was longer and the song was released into films like “Los Miserables”, which was performed by Fantine. This transformation into your look aligns with the intensity of your characters on the screen.

Another change was removed when it was decided to turn it into a clearer tone, allowing for its natural dark color. This is the choice of a clearer film that has a frequent and different appearance in films like “The Great Gatsby”. It is capable of adapting its hair style and color to represent various characters on the screen to demonstrate its versatility as an action.


Aside from these notable film changes, Anne Hathaway maintains her essence and charisma in the cinema industry. She was able to adapt so much to the action as her personal image transformed her into one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood. With the passage of time, its evolution as the hair reflects its continued exploration of characters and its compromise with its art.

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