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Israeli actress Gal Gadot wants to show images of Hamas atrocities in Hollywood

The war of images could not spare Hollywood. Israeli actress Gal Gadot is working to shed light in the American cinema world on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, by organizing the screening of a 47-minute video provided by the IDF spokesperson. “Gal Gadot and her husband, Yaron Varsano, helped make this possible,” Oscar-winning director Guy Nattiv, who initiated the initiative, confirmed to Israeli media. Exact details regarding the date and guest list have not yet been revealed.

This video is a testimony to the atrocities perpetrated by Hamas terrorists against Israeli families living near the Gaza border on October 7.

“As a filmmaker, I swore that these images of October 7 would not be forgotten and that the world would see them. Now begins the denial of the type – it’s a fake – it is not a fake (…) We cannot ignore (these images) in silence,” assured Guy Nattiv, a self-proclaimed humanist, supporter of a two-state solution.

Concerning the personalities invited to this screening, without giving further details, he assured that they would be “people who have cinematographic experience, so that we can show them this crazy document, which is reminiscent of the films created about the Holocaust.

Very shocking images

The Israeli filmmaker and actress plan to initially organize a screening for 120 spectators, with the possibility of organizing others depending on the interest it arouses. The content of the video is known to be deeply disturbing. The images were viewed by hundreds of foreign journalists, including the special correspondent of Le Parisien. A session was also organized for members of the Knesset, the Israeli legislative assembly. A new screening was also organized by the IDF last Wednesday.

“We think it is very important to broadcast these images to show how much we have changed paradigm and that the war we are waging is not just another episode of a conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip” , an IDF spokesperson stressed last week to our journalist on site. At a time when protests from the international community are becoming increasingly loud over the bombings on the Palestinian enclave, particularly after the recent targeting of the Jabaliya refugee camp, this member of the Israeli army believes that “ it would be to deny the specificity of what happened on October 7.”

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