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Megan Fox’s Secret Diet Plan Revealed! From Gluten-Free To Salmon

Megan Fox's diet is simple & healthy, which keeps her lively throughout the day

A healthy diet is the key to a healthy and wealthy life! Hollywood actress Megan Fox follows it religiously, and it is reflected in her looks. She is one of the most gorgeous-looking actresses in the industry, and many would die to know about her diet plan and find out about what she eats in a day. Hence, we are here with Megan’s diet plan, and if you want to know more about it, stick to the end.

Earlier this year, Fox opened up about having body dysmorphia, and because of that, she never looks at herself the way others see her. For people unaware of the term, it is a mental disorder that makes people worried about the way their body looks. Sometimes, people turn to surgeries to ‘fix’ their perceived flaws.

The pressure on Megan Fox is more as she not only has body dysmorphia, but she is a part of the entertainment industry where looks matter a lot. The actress is indeed trying to overcome her disorder, but she also maintains a proper diet. In an interview, her fiance, Machine Gun Kelly, told on 104.3 that Megan prefers gluten-free and organic food on her menu.

From eating a wholesome breakfast to munching on snacks between meals, let’s look at Megan Fox’s meal plan for a day and what she generally eats.

1. Breakfast

In an interview with Insider, Megan Fox’s personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, revealed the Transformer star’s daily meals. According to that, Fox opts for egg white, almonds, and oatmeal for the day’s first meal. The almonds are rich in Vitamin E, riboflavin, and fiber, thus healthy for your body. Egg whites provide the necessary protein, on the other hand.

The Transformers star doesn’t drink alcohol or any energy drink except for coffee in the morning.

2. Lunch

Megan Fox’s platter mostly has grilled chicken and salmon salads for lunch. She also drizzles a little apple cider vinaigrette on her lunch, especially when she is aiming to lose a few kilos. Her trainer shared that portion control plays a significant role in Fox’s diet.

3. Dinner

Pasternak revealed that Megan Fox is a big fan of Japanese food such as sushi and sashimi, and if she didn’t have salmon for lunch, then Fox would have it for dinner. Megan will have salmon at least once a day. Fox would have salmon sashimi, cucumber salad, miso soup, and edamame [young green soya]. Even her fiance, Machine Gun Kelly, admitted that the actress was crazy about sushi.

4. Snacks

Besides having the three proper meals, Megan Fox makes sure to have snacks in between meals. She eats snacks two times a day: one- between breakfast and lunch and another either between lunch and dinner or after her night meal. As per Pasternak’s interview with People, she likes to have smoothies during the day and fruits at night.

Pasternak also gave the recipe for one of her favorite smoothies, i.e., red smoothie. It is made of several berries available in the season, Chai tea, a scoop of protein powder, and some almond milk.

Apart from the food, Megan Fox also ensures to stay fit by exercising, which we all should incorporate into our lives.

Now you know that Megan Fox is very disciplined with her diet, and you can take notes from that and follow it likewise.

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