Angelina Jolie radiant with her daughter Zahara on a new party

The actress was accompanied by her younger sister Thursday evening to attend an awards ceremony.

A moment of accomplice under the spotlight for Angelina Jolie and her daughter Zahara. Thursday, September 30, 2021, the 46-year-old actress and the 16-year-old teenager were out in Beverly Hills to attend an awards party hosted by “Vanity Fair” magazine. The event honored the influential women who have marked the news in recent months.

Dressed in an elegant caramel Versace dress, the ex-wife of Brad Pitt appeared radiant in front of the photographers, arriving hand in hand with Zahara. Mother and daughter multiplied the poses assured before being joined by Amanda Gorman. This 23-year-old poet and activist revealed herself to the public last January by reading a text during the inauguration of Joe Biden.


It is precisely to honor Amanda Gorman that Angelina Jolie had moved to the evening. Going on stage to give him a prize, the actress and director said a few words before that to convey all the admiration she has for him. “She is a young woman full of grace who climbed the podium fearlessly on the day of the inauguration. The youngest but also the loudest voice we can ask for at this time, ”said Angelina Jolie. “In addition to celebrating your extraordinary accomplishments, Amanda, we honor you and all the other girls,” she continued, adding that there was “nothing more beautiful, more stimulating and perhaps more disturbing than the free spirit of the thinking woman. This is surely why so many efforts are made to suppress it ”.

After a round of applause, Angelina Jolie concluded by saying: “Those who have the power of free speech – the wᥱαpon of free speech – must unite in defense of those who do not.” . We need voices like Amanda’s, those lights in the dark. May you burn fiercely and light the way for others. ”

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