Suri Cruise moves out of Katie Holmes’ house and lives with Tom Cruise?

When Tom cruise other Katie holmes divided in 2012, many thought that the main reason for the divorce was that Holmes did not want his daughter, Suri Cruise, involved in Scientology. A year ago, a magazine claimed that Suri Cruise was fed up with Holmes and ran away to live with Tom. Now, Gossipy cop he’s checking history to see what happened.

Suri Cruise disappears

A year ago, the holder of a Women’s Day read story “Suri disappears!” Apparently, Suri Cruise had ended her mother’s relationship with chef Emilio Vitolo. One source noted that Cruise and Holmes used to “go out together almost daily,” but things had changed since Vitolo entered the scene. “Suri probably can’t bear to see them kissing on every corner,” a source leaked.

According to the magazine, Cruise planned to take matters into his own hands and was going to live with his father, Tom Cruise, instead. The source said Cruise had “a fascination for his father” and that he “could find his way there,” referring to Tom Cruise’s Florida residence. Tom was supposedly very excited for his daughter to move in with him because he never recovered from “how Katie managed to take her daughter away.” However, Holmes’s friends were concerned. One of Holmes’s friends said they hoped “that she will not miss the key signs of her son while he is engulfed in a whirlwind of l𝓾st.”

Did Suri Cruise really run away from home?

Not a single part of this Women’s Day narrative was true a year ago, and Gossipy cop believe the same today. The entire premise of the article was disorganized from the start. First, the tabloid said that Suri Cruise had “disappeared”, but what the story was really about was that she was apparently fed up with her mother’s new boyfriend.

Not only was the title misleading, but the information was also completely false. At the time, it was pretty obvious Holmes and Cruise were very close and they were spotted in New York City just weeks before the article came out. So Tom Cruise was (and is) filming a Mission Impossible movie in London, so Suri wouldn’t have a reason to go to Florida. Suri was never absent, despite what the magazine tried to report.

A tabloid you can’t trust

Women’s Day I can never seem to clear up a story, which makes Suri Cruise’s narrative even easier to dismiss. For example, the outlet claimed that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were on the rocks after Jay-Z was seen without his wedding ring. One informant leaked that “the two” had “spent time apart,” which was simply taken out of context. The two superstars are still happy together despite ominous warnings from the outlet. Women’s Day it just isn’t reliable.

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