Tom Cruise shocks fans with new appearance at baseball game

“Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t Tom Cruise?” Fans were stunned when the A-list actor looked very different at a recent baseball game.

Tom Cruise shocked fans with a new look over the weekend when he and his son Connor were spotted at a baseball game in San Francisco.

The pair were at Oracle Park to watch the Giants take on the Dodgers in Game 2 of the National League Division series.

The actor happily posed for pictures, exchanged fist-bumps and chatted with people in the crowd, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Tom Cruise and his son Connor (left).
Tom Cruise and his son Connor (left).

According to the outlet, the 59-year-old was all smiles when his face appeared on the big screen midgame. Cruise waved as the song Danger Zone from the Top Gun soundtrack was played in the stadium.

The public outing is a rare one for the star who is known for keeping a low profile when not filming. Giants reporter Amy Gutierrez tweeted that Cruise declined to name the team he was supporting. Instead, he kept it neutral and said, “I’m a fan of baseball.”

Some fans were confused by Cruise’s new appearance.
Some fans were confused by Cruise’s new appearance.

The Giants went on to lose to the Dodgers 9-2. They will meet again on Monday in Los Angeles for Game 3 of the NLDS playoffs.

Meanwhile several viewers took to Twitter about Cruise’s appearance, saying he looked different from his usual on-screen self. Many suggested he looked more like recently departed comedian Norm Macdonald:

Hình ảnh

Top Gun: Maverick, which was originally scheduled to premiere on November 19, has been pushed back to May 26, 2022. Filming for Mission: Impossible 7 was previously suspended in June after several people on set tested positive for coronavirus. That movie will now premiere on September 30, 2022.

Cruise pictured here a year ago, filming Mission Impossible in October 2020. Picture: AFP
Cruise pictured here a year ago, filming Mission Impossible in October 2020. Picture: AFP

In September, Cruise surprised some hikers when his helicopter landed near their walking trail in England’s Lake District. The actor was apparently practising for a stunt.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting to bump into Tom Cruise during my hike,” Andras Katica told The Sun at the time. “But he was really friendly and offered to have his picture taken. He looked like he was having a great time but was also clearly involved in some serious work for the filming.”

Cruise notoriously does almost all of his own stunts no matter how dangerous. At the time, he was filming Mission: Impossible 7 in various cities around Europe.

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