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Gal Gadot Beats Up The Rock & Ryan Reynolds in First Red Notice Clip

Netflix debuts a new clip from Dwayne Johnson's movie Red Notice, co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, that shows off more of the action.

Netflix debuts a new clip for Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming action movie, Red Notice, co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. The streaming service’s ability to attract top talent in Hollywood has paid off in a major way for Red Notice. After joining several other existing franchises or pieces of IP, Dwayne Johnson brought his original action movie to Netflix with the hope of turning Red Notice into his own franchise. The film is reportedly one of the biggest Netflix original movies ever made, and interest in the film continues to climb as its release date draws closer.

The biggest appeal of Red Notice is the star power that comes with its leading trio. Johnson, Reynolds, and Gadot are three of the most recognizable stars in Hollywood, and their interactions were a huge focus in the movie’s first trailer. Red Notice follows Johnson as an FBI profiler who works with Reynolds’ conman character to hunt down the world’s greatest art thief, who is played by Gadot. The mixture of action, adventure, and humor, along with its great collection of stars, has only increased anticipation for Red Notice.

Netflix has kept the marketing campaign for Red Notice to a minimum so far, but more of the movie has now been shown as part of the company’s TUDUM virtual event. The streaming service debuted a brand new clip for Red Notice for fans around the world to enjoy. Check out the exclusive look at the epic heist film below:

The action-packed clip from Red Notice features Johnson and Reynolds’ characters confronting Gadot’s thief, only it is she who has the upper hand. Gadot’s character is after three mysterious but presumably valuable eggs in Red Notice’s story and mentions in this clip that she already is in possession of two. When Johnson and Reynolds attempt to stop her, Gadot’s experience as an action star comes into play and helps her make quick work of her opponents. Red Notice’s clip ends right as Gadot is about to take the egg she desires as Johnson and Reynolds are handcuffed together on the floor.

It isn’t surprising to see Red Notice’s marketing release a clip that features its three main stars in an epic fight. They are the biggest selling points of the movie and seeing them on screen together is what will drive many to check out the film. Of course, Red Notice’s clip also is a good showcase of how director Rawson Marshall Thurber blends the action with humor. Ryan Reynolds seems to take the main comedic role based on this footage, while Johnson and Gadot are allowed to play their roles a bit more seriously. This could be a good sign for Red Notice’s tone, as it would be easy for the movie to get too comedic if Johnson and Gadot are also cracking jokes, but they have so far rightly been positioned as the more experienced action stars.

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